Screw vacuum pump of power supply and low pressure pumping method

The dry screw vacuum pump operates with electric energy. In order to meet people’s requirements, the manufacturer has developed its power supply mode. The following describes the power supply and low voltage methods of the equipment:

Screw vacuum pump of power supply and low pressure pumping method

1、 Release low pressure
The two screws in the screw vacuum pump act together to press the gas with the screw, press from the suction port to the exhaust port, and continue to press.

2、 Power supply mode

1. Battery
Battery is the general term of battery. Principle is different from dry battery. It can supply large current and power. Therefore, it is widely used in electric vehicles, automobiles and other mobile vehicles, agricultural spray, and field sampling.
The commonly used dry battery has large internal resistance, its own supply of current is small, most of the voltage is consumed by internal resistance, so the voltage drops quickly, from the point of view of power and service time, it is also suitable for power supply.

2. Dry screw vacuum pump because the extraction medium is “water or liquid”.
However, the working medium such as micro vacuum pump and micro air pump is “gas” with light specific gravity, so the working current is generally larger than the latter, about 1 ~ 10A.

The operating current of the latter is generally small, ranging from a few hundred Ma to a few amperes.

For the normal operation of dry-type screw vacuum pump, it is necessary to operate correctly, know the power supply mode of the equipment, select it when it is convenient to use in the future, and know its low-voltage traction method. In addition to solving problems conveniently in the future, daily maintenance is also essential.

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