Roots vacuum pump design

Roots vacuum pump needs to follow certain rules in the overall design and processing, and the design and processing of its parts are also very important, so we will give you a whole introduction to this problem.

1. The key part of Roots vacuum pump is rotor, and the key of rotor is its profile. The profile of the rotor cross section is the profile of the rotor. When the pump is working, its key part is the rotor, but the key factor of the rotor is its profile, so the vacuum pump is working. There is no contact between the surfaces of the rotor, but the clearance between the rotors should be kept to a certain extent, so the profile of the rotor must be made into a conjugate curve. When selecting the rotor profile in the actual design, in addition to meeting the above motion requirements, the following conditions shall also be considered:

(1) The volume utilization coefficient of the pump rotor should be as large as possible, that is, the volume of the rotor should be small.

(2) The rotor shall have good geometric symmetry to ensure smooth operation and good interchangeability.

(3) Ensure that the rotor has sufficient strength.

(4) The rotor shall be easy to process and obtain high precision.

2. In order to control the clearance between the rotors and between the rotors and the pump shell of Roots vacuum pump, the axial and radial displacement of the bearing is required to be controlled within a certain range. In the design, the bearing accuracy shall be correctly selected and the bearing model suitable for the working conditions of the pump shall be selected. Considering the influence of the axial thermal expansion of the rotor, the rotor shaft shall have a movable end (generally gear end) to allow the axial movement of the shaft due to thermal expansion and other factors. The axial clearance between the rotor at the movable end and the end face of the shaft can be larger, while the axial clearance between the rotor at the fixed end and the end cover of the shaft should be smaller.

3. It is required that the gear has strong wear resistance, stable transmission, and the clearance between teeth shall not be too large. The accuracy of gears is usually 5-6 grades. In order to make the transmission stable and low noise, helical gears are often used. In order to make it convenient to assemble the gear and adjust the clearance between the rotors, the gear with clearance adjustment structure can be selected and the connection mode of the chamber expansion sleeve can be adopted between the gear and the shaft.

The above is all about the design and processing of Roots vacuum pump. In the future work, I hope that all construction personnel can pay attention to the design and processing of the more important parts of the equipment, after all, its quality greatly affects the quality of the equipment itself, so we have to pay more attention.


Roots vacuum pump design

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