Screw vacuum pump function

Screw vacuum pump purging function

The following by the vacuum pump manufacturers to introduce the screw vacuum pump purging function, the current mobile phone fashion function “scan”, I am afraid that 90% of the people with a mobile phone know, but if we go to talk about the screw vacuum pump purging function, perhaps know very few people. However, for the screw vacuum pump operators, this is the most basic work, with the following small make up a look.

1. Cleaning and purging are particularly important for the removal of corrosive, toxic or viscous substances, such as resin media. Generally, before stopping the pump, close the inlet valve of the vacuum pump, and operate for 20-30 minutes after the inlet is filled with nitrogen or water vapor to purge the screw inside the chamber and clean the residual process gas or sticky material adhered to the surface inside the chamber.

Cooling purge cooling purge is used for the cooling of the screw rotor and the internal cavity of the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump works, the process gas inhaled by the inlet is compressed along with the rotation of the screw rotor and sent to the exhaust port. During the compression process, the gas temperature rises, which requires cooling and purging to protect the vacuum pump from overheating and getting stuck. Air is usually used as the cooling purge medium, but in special cases nitrogen or cooled process gas is used as the purge medium. A filter is installed near the vent to inhale air for cooling and purging.

Seal purging seal purging is to pressurize nitrogen into the front end cover, so that process gas or liquid cannot enter the oil tank fitted with gear and bearing. The nitrogen inlet has two, located at the top of the front cover. Nitrogen purge pressure ≤0.5bar.

Common problems with screw vacuum pumps

Screw vacuum pump to make it lasting use, its nursing work is essential, which oil change is a fundamental work, but after the oil change on the attack of a series of problems, the following to introduce the equipment after oil change four common problems: air intake for a long time to pump the atmosphere, should be prevented. Pump chamber and oil can be mixed with other light liquid, after the new oil should be properly operated for a period of time.

Check whether there is leakage phenomenon in each sealing part and correct the detection instrument. Fog at the air outlet: check the air inlet and other local air leakage. The gas outlet has the spray oil phenomenon: the oil is added too much, reduces the oil participation quantity, the gas inlet takes out the atmosphere for a long time, should try to prevent. Screw vacuum pump in the cleaning vacuum requirements of the enterprise category to achieve a common application, so the relevant staff in the operation of equipment should understand the relevant knowledge.

In the face of the problem of oil change to prepare for disaster, reduce the problem of bad. Because the screw vacuum pump, as long as a pair of screw and screw and screw must gap between the two, so the screw vacuum pump in operation, the voice is very low, uniform speed, the main is don’t need lubricating oil during operation, so the dry screw vacuum pump can work in there are a lot of water environment, is a very energy saving vacuum products.

Products are now in the market with screw vacuum pump of the general vacuum pump oil can’t be happy without this condition, so the dry screw vacuum pump in the market competition is more and more big, so the screw vacuum pump has been replaced many of the vacuum pump products, a lot of oil vacuum pump has been replaced by the oil-free vacuum pump, now many companies have been changed into the screw vacuum pump. So the screw vacuum pump market is getting better and better, then the screw vacuum pump is very good in the future.

Screw vacuum pump function

Screw vacuum pump function

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