How to choose dry vacuum pump

In recent years, the dry vacuum pump has become popular, which has a great potential to start a prairie fire. Perhaps, your company is also busy developing the dry vacuum pump. Perhaps, you are worried about choosing the dry vacuum pump as the development and production model.

Throughout the development and production of dry vacuum pump can be divided into contact seal type and non friction gap seal type. The contact seal type common models have oil piston and oil-free vane, and the friction free gap seal type common models have oil claw type, oil-free screw type and oil-free scroll vacuum pump.

Contact sealed dry vacuum pump has high failure rate, short maintenance period, low vacuum degree, can not extract gas containing dust or entrained liquid and saturated steam, can not provide clean vacuum, low technical content, small profit space, many domestic manufacturers have already produced. Because of its low price, it has a certain market share in China.

The non friction gap seal dry vacuum pump is a new type of machine which has just arisen in China in recent years. Their common characteristics are that the working chamber is not worn, the failure rate is low, the vacuum degree is high, and they can provide clean vacuum. The claw type and screw type can also deal with the gas containing a small amount of dust or liquid, especially the vertical claw type vacuum pump because of its good performance of liquid discharge and dust discharge Industrial drying and vacuum distillation process are more like water for fish. These kinds of dry vacuum pumps have high technology content, high requirements for processing equipment and manufacturing process, and their market price is high, which is the object of research and development of each manufacturer.


Dry screw vacuum pump: at present, the pumping speed of commercialized products is 15 ~ 150L / s, and the ultimate vacuum degree can reach 1pA. Generally, it is horizontal structure. They are suitable for use in relatively clean environment, such as electronics, vacuum coating and other industries, and the failure rate is high in chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Foreign CNC screw milling, CNC screw grinding and other high-precision machining equipment are more popular, and the machining accuracy of screw rotor is high and quality is good. The vast majority of domestic enterprises do not have the processing conditions of foreign countries. They often use CNC lathe to process the screw rotor, which greatly reduces the processing accuracy and quality of the screw rotor. The quality and service life of the whole machine are different from those of foreign products.

Claw rotor dry vacuum pump: at present, the commercial product of this dry vacuum pump has a pumping speed of 4 ~ 150L / s and a maximum vacuum degree of 3PA. It can be divided into horizontal and vertical structures. The horizontal structure is suitable for relatively clean environment, such as electronics, vacuum coating and other industries. The vertical structure is suitable for extracting dust, entrained liquid gas and condensable gas Use, in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical industry share is very high. The equipment requirements for the production of claw vacuum pump are relatively low. There are CNC machining center, WEDM machine, cylindrical grinder and surface grinder, which can process the parts that meet the requirements. However, there are many parts, which have higher requirements for assembly.

Scroll type dry vacuum pump: at present, the pumping speed of the commercialized product of this dry vacuum pump is 1-15l / s, and there is no product more than 15L / s at present, and its ultimate vacuum degree can reach 1pA. The pump is suitable for use in a clean environment and cannot be used to extract gas containing dust and liquid. It is difficult for the domestic machining center to meet the accuracy requirements due to the high requirements of the equipment and the complex process. The assembly and debugging procedures are very complex.

In conclusion, if your company’s customer base is aviation, aerospace, electronics, coating and other industries, it is recommended that you choose screw vacuum pump or horizontal claw rotor vacuum pump for development and production; if your company’s main customer base is in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, it is recommended that you choose vertical claw rotor vacuum pump as the research and development and production target.

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