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Liquid ring vacuum pump is a basic product which directly affects the performance and quality of vacuum equipment. It is widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, low temperature equipment, pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, electronic industry, vacuum equipment and other fields.

As an enterprise, how to choose a high-quality liquid ring vacuum pump supplier is also a painstaking and laborious matter, better than performance than price, or do not know which brand is better. Don’t worry, Xiaobian has consulted dozens of vacuum technicians for their experience.

In the whole country, there are many factories that produce or assemble liquid-ring vacuum pumps of all sizes, and there are more licensed liquid-ring vacuum pumps factories or sellers. There are many manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pumps, and their quality is uneven. The price of liquid ring vacuum pumps varies from hundreds to thousands, even tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price of the same material liquid ring vacuum pump is very different from that of different manufacturers. These existing conditions have caused market chaos. Of course, the low price also makes the “liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers’product quality and service greatly discounted. Make users at a loss, do not know which liquid ring vacuum pump is good? How to choose?

Liquid-ring vacuum pumps are widely used, especially in the american market. The use of liquid-ring vacuum pumps accounts for a quarter of the world’s total. As a result, more and more suppliers of liquid-ring vacuum pumps in the american are coming. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have become one of the suppliers of liquid-ring vacuum pumps in the american with excellent quality and good service. EVP is the world’s recognized leading supplier of compressed air and gas, vacuum and transportation technology, with over 23 years of manufacturing experience, providing pumps and fluid delivery equipment for chemical, power, oil and gas, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, food and general purpose industries.


Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. The liquid ring vacuum pump/compressor is durable and widely used.

2. The inspiratory capacity can reach 40 000 m 3/h (23500 cfm)

3. Insensitive to heat load.

4. Develop and design for the most complex and harsh needs

5. Safety of operation even when dealing with explosive gases and mixed vapors (ATEX) standard

6. Ideal process treatment unit by selecting suitable working fluid composition

7. Low operating costs

EVP vacuum pump manufacturer, as a american Liquid ring vacuum pump suppliers, always adheres to the combination of tradition and innovation, continuity and flexibility, internationalization and regional advantages, providing safe, reliable, economical and efficient high-quality products for customers around the world.

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