How to choose vacuum pump

When choosing a vacuum pump, there are many options to choose the best pump for your application. There are different types of vacuum pump, which can provide different displacement and limit vacuum degree.

vacuum pump selection:

1、 In the selection of vacuum pump, the products to be determined shall be able to smoothly extract various gases released in the process. In the application process of vacuum pump, there are many kinds of gas medium, such as inflammable, explosive, condensable, easy to reverse and easy to corrode, so the applicability of the selected vacuum pump should be guaranteed. For example, a large amount of water vapor will be produced in the process, and the vacuum pump selected must be suitable for pumping steam.

2、 The limit vacuum degree of vacuum pump must be higher than the vacuum degree required by process production, at least one order of magnitude higher, and the equipment is suitable for working within the required working vacuum degree range. The limit vacuum degree of vacuum pump is the vacuum degree that can be achieved when the pumping speed is zero. Therefore, in order to ensure the pumping speed of the vacuum pump in the working vacuum degree, it is necessary to meet the requirement that the limit vacuum degree is greater than the working vacuum degree, and a larger pumping speed is needed in the interval.

3、 The pumping speed of vacuum pump should be greater than the maximum outgassing volume in the process. In order to ensure the vacuum degree, the pumping speed of the vacuum pump or vacuum system shall meet the requirement of larger than the maximum venting amount in the process if the continuous venting is involved in the selection of vacuum pump. If there is a cold trap or baffle in the system, the effective pumping speed after the trap or baffle is added shall be greater than the maximum outgassing volume in the process. If a large amount of gas will be released suddenly in the process, the effective pumping speed of the system should be increased appropriately, usually to 2-3 times of the maximum amount of gas released.

4、 In the selection of vacuum pump, its working medium and manufacturing materials must meet the process requirements. In the application of vacuum pump, especially in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, battery and so on, the extracted medium is often corrosive gas, which requires the equipment to have corresponding anti-corrosion measures. For example, acid and alkali gas needs to have corresponding anti-corrosion coating or the material of the pump should be stainless steel anti-corrosion; when the gas with dust or particles, dust remover, filter or the pump itself should be added in front of the pump inlet to have resistance to it, etc.

5、 In the process of continuous production, the selected vacuum pump must meet the needs of continuous production. If necessary, the standby vacuum pump with automatic replacement shall be set to reduce the production interruption caused by accident. If the outgassing volume is smaller and smaller in the process, the maintenance pump can be set to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

6、 Economy of vacuum pump. In the process of vacuum pump selection, when a variety of vacuum pumps can meet the process requirements at the same time, the economic analysis of cost and operation cost shall be carried out, and the vacuum pumps with good economy, reliable operation, small maintenance amount and convenient use and maintenance shall be selected.


Other factors

In the field of concentrate and essential oil, vacuum filtration is an important part of a successful laboratory. Together with vacuum ovens, these products are at the heart of many laboratory processes. They are closely integrated with rotary evaporation configurations and other functions.

One of the most important factors that every laboratory owner should consider from the beginning is the upfront cost and lifetime cost. Although some pumps are more expensive today, they may save cost in the form of reduced maintenance. Other products may have a small initial cash outlay but require regular oil changes and preventive maintenance; otherwise, the risk of total failure increases.

There are many well-known enterprises in the industry, and everyone has their own ideas about what these products should do, how to make and how to run. Different from the automobile industry, there are a lot of standardization in the automobile industry, and the difference between the appearance and function of vacuum pump is very obvious.

Through the above analysis, you don’t know how to choose the right vacuum pump for the industry. You can consult us at any time, and we will make a perfect vacuum system scheme for you.

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