Screw vacuum pump correctly using steps

(1) before all normal transmission, the screw vacuum pump should be tested once to check whether the screw vacuum pump has abnormal vibration and impact noise. The first application of the screw vacuum pump shall also measure the ultimate pressure of the screw vacuum pump, which shall meet the technical standard. According to the screw vacuum pump’s long-term operating standards, the screw vacuum pump temperature must not exceed 70 degrees. Measurement of dry pumping rate. Drying is very complicated and is not usually inspected.

(2) mechanical equipment that must be circulated with the cooling water screw vacuum pump. Before starting, recirculate the cooling water and restart. Inlet and outlet temperatures for cooling recycled water should not exceed 30 degrees.

(3) the continuous screw vacuum pump and pump system software shall be as short and thick as possible, and the nominal diameter of the pipe shall generally be very large. Inlet diameter of screw vacuum pump to prevent damage to vacuum velocity caused by dry line friction resistance.

(4) in order to maintain the daily cleanliness of the workplace and to help the health of workers, please use a leather hose to discharge the exhaust immediately.

(5) when the screw vacuum pump does not work for a long time or the operating temperature is low, it will lead to starting difficulties. At this point, the vacuum of the screw vacuum pump should be used for ventilation. Rotate belt pulley with belt pulley (not connected to switching power supply). Turn the screw vacuum pump on for a few weeks before restarting. If the screw vacuum pump is immediately connected, the motor can be operated again and again to drain the oil stored in the screw vacuum pump chamber into the car’s fuel tank and start. If not, immediately heat the screw vacuum pump with a radiant source or infrared lamp until the pump moves.

(6) before use, please check whether the vacuum pump oil of the mechanical equipment is on the oil marking part of the window. In addition, be sure to check the rotation direction of the electric pulley. The observer faces the pulley. The pulley should be rotated clockwise. If rotating in the opposite direction, the two connectors in the phase-switching power supply can be interchanged. Otherwise, the rotary vane vacuum pump will not be able to pump, but will pump the oil and air in the vacuum pump into the pumping system software, resulting in serious pollution.

(7) after the work is completed, first close the high vacuum valve, and then close the low vacuum valve. The rotary vane vacuum pump is then stopped and the air is vented (for example, using an electromagnetic induction vacuum pump with a vent valve to completely empty the air) to prevent oil from flowing back into the ultrafilter, eventually disconnecting the main switching power supply and cutting off the water.

(8) pay attention to avoid hard chemicals (metal chips, laminated glass fragments, etc.) fall into the screw vacuum pump and scratch the screw vacuum pump fitness components. Screw vacuum when the pump is shut down for a long time, it should be stored in a dry, clean natural environment and should be blocked to prevent waste falling into the vacuum mouth and air outlet.

(9) dismantling line machinery screw vacuum pump must be careful, bulging so as not to scratch or damage to the screw, and clean and dry to dry or air dry component (temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, long assembly line when the screw vacuum pump wall with a small amount of vegetable oil, please try to remove a corner space, the remaining oil lines shall prevail, too much will the vacuum pump oil.

Screw vacuum pump correctly using steps

Screw vacuum pump correctly using steps

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