Helium mass spectrometer leak detector used in LiBr absorption refrigeration technology

LiBr absorption chiller is an environmental friendly chiller with low power consumption and low noise, which is driven by heat energy and working pairs of water and LiBr aqueous solution. Using the principle that water can evaporate at a lower temperature under vacuum, cold water can be produced. There are mainly steam type, oil type, high and low temperature water type, high temperature water and large temperature difference type, cold and warm water supply type at the same time, widely used in the refrigeration and heating systems of buildings and manufacturing industries.

Lithium bromide absorption chiller has a high requirement for air tightness inside the body. If there is a small amount of non condensable gas inside the body, it will have a serious impact on the performance of the machine. At the same time, it is easy to produce huge corrosion to the body, rust, copper rust and plug the nozzle, pump body and filter. So for LiBr absorption chiller, leak detection is essential.

helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Adjust the leak detector to vacuum mode, connect the leak detector and the unit, and turn on the leak detector. When the vacuum reaches the opening pressure of the leak detector, blow helium at the possible leak point of the unit. When the helium leakage reaches the alarm value set by the leak detector, the leak detector will give an alarm. Pay attention to the following points when blowing helium: from the lower part of the unit to the upper part, close to the leak detector and far away from the leak detector. After the detection of large leakage, the small leakage shall be repaired and checked again. When there are two adjacent suspected leaks, cover one and detect the other. When a certain point is injected, the display value of the leak detector changes slowly, indicating that there is a large leakage in other adjacent places. The leakage detection site shall be well ventilated, but it shall not affect the flow direction of helium.

After the helium mass spectrometer leak detector is widely used in the lithium bromide absorption refrigeration industry, the service life of the refrigerator is significantly improved, and the service life of the lithium bromide refrigerator is guaranteed.

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