Philippines liquid ring vacuum pump

If you’re looking for the best liquid ring vacuum pump or pump manufacturing company in the Philippines, then you are in the right place is very to, EVP vacuum pump is a very rapid development of the company in the Philippines. The company mainly produces, supplies and exports industrial vacuum pumps, liquid ring pumps, rotary high vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, oil seal rotary high vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, three disk pulp mill and other vacuum pumps.

These vacuum pumps are designed for industrial applications and can withstand harsh industrial working conditions. These vacuum pumps were designed after extensive research by our experienced professionals. Their quality is in line with industry norms. Therefore, they are bound to provide high performance with very specific capabilities. Our vacuum pumps are very efficient, reliable and durable. We fully trust our customers because of their critical vacuum pump requirements and operations.

Therefore, we are the main supplier of vacuum pumps in the Philippines. In the international market, we have a huge demand for a wide range of vacuum pumps.

For example: 2 be1 series products include a wide range of suction of single-stage single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump. Through secondary development, 2 be1 series have the 12 kinds of specifications, development and is now in the early of 22 kinds of specifications, more complete specifications.

Liquid ring vacuum pump four-step maintenance

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in industrial processes for vacuum drinking, feeding, evaporation, concentration, moisture return, filtration and other processes. In the application of liquid ring vacuum pump, attention should be paid to the maintenance of vacuum pump. After all, good maintenance is related to the service life of the vacuum pump and ensures its normal operation. Next, vacuum pump maintenance professionals will introduce several common liquid ring vacuum pump maintenance methods for you.

First, in order to avoid the impeller, the vacuum pump body or the main impeller card wear, into the vacuum pump chamber with gas and working fluid dust particles can be washed off through the lower pump flushing port.

Second, if the use of hard water working fluid, must first soften the hard water, or in a certain amount of time using a solution cleaning pump.

Third, the normal working temperature of the motor is 15°C~20°C higher than the surrounding temperature, the maximum is not allowed to exceed 55°C~60°C, the normal working bearing should be refuelled 1-2 times a year, at least once a year to clean the bearing, and the lubricating oil to replace all.

Fourth, when the mechanical seal adopts the phenomenon of leakage, the movement of the mechanical seal should be checked, whether the static ring has been damaged, or whether the seal has been aging, if the above situation, it is necessary to replace new parts.

Above are several common maintenance methods of liquid ring vacuum pumps. In the daily maintenance, as long as the careful development and implementation of the corresponding program, basically can ensure the vacuum pump normal operation. If you encounter some special conditions, should immediately stop the machine, carefully check, or ask professional maintenance.

Philippines liquid ring vacuum pump

Philippines liquid ring vacuum pump

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