High vacuum diaphragm valve

Vacuum diaphragm valve is the use of the stem will be directly pressed on the seat of the rubber film, used to shut off or connect to the vacuum system. The connection form has looper flange connection, quick unloading flange connection, welding connection. There are two types of welding type I connection (i.e. welding at both ends) and welding type II connection (i.e. welding at one end and inserting at the other end). Valve suitable for the working medium is air and non – corrosive gas.

High vacuum diaphragm valve

High vacuum diaphragm valve is in the vacuum system for cutting or through air. Base, the connecting pipe welded more ideal of lithium bromide refrigeration equipment accessories.

High vacuum diaphragm valve features

Compact structure, simple, small size, beautiful appearance;
The switch is guided and moves smoothly.
Small closing torque, long life,≥ 30,000 times;
Diaphragm pressure can be automatically adjusted, uniform pressure, reliable seal;
The diaphragm is loaded into the valve core by push type, easy to replace;

High vacuum diaphragm valve material

Valve body: carbon steel, stainless steel
Diaphragm: butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber
Stem: stainless steel

High vacuum diaphragm valve service

It is applied to vacuum, dairy products, wine industry, biological engineering, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics and chemical industry.

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