Vacuum pump commonly used in papermaking industry

The application of water ring vacuum pump in papermaking industry and the problems. In the process of pulp and paper making, there are many processes that need vacuum dehydration. There are vacuum water suction tank, couch roll, vacuum suction roll, vacuum pressing part, and upper and lower wool cloth vacuum water suction tanks. It is a common method to use the vacuum capacity of the water ring vacuum pump to dewater pulp.

There are three indexes to measure whether the selection of water ring vacuum pump in a pulp and paper vacuum system is reasonable: air extraction, working point shaft power and motor matching power. When selecting the type, the axial power of the working point of the water ring vacuum pump should be reduced as much as possible on the premise that the pumping power meets the process requirements of the production line, because the smaller the axial power consumed by the water ring vacuum pump, the smaller the cost of pulp and paper making. The matching power of motor is smaller, the total installed capacity is smaller, and the cost of electrical configuration can also be reduced.

Generally speaking, a paper production line with a fixed annual output requires a certain amount of air extraction. For paper mills, in order to reduce energy consumption, save energy, and reduce paper production costs, the correctness of water ring vacuum pump selection is very important.

To illustrate this problem, we first understand the working characteristics of water ring vacuum pump. Water ring vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump. When the model of water ring vacuum pump is determined, its volume is also determined. For the water ring vacuum pump, there are two main factors that affect its pumping capacity: the volume of the pump and the speed of the pump.

With the development of acid papermaking to neutral papermaking, the scaling of water ring vacuum pump is a common problem in every papermaking enterprise, no matter in the South or in the north. Many manufacturers have encountered this problem in many years of papermaking practice and are determined to solve it. Since the beginning of 1990s, we have been looking for solutions. After hard exploration, we have put forward a set of scale control solutions including water ring vacuum pump for pulp and paper making, which are welcomed by our customers.

Scaling is a process, not generated all of a sudden. With the generation of scaling, its impact on the paper machine is gradually emerging, so we can’t take it lightly, we should persevere, control and prevent scaling at the beginning, which will produce long-term benefits.


Vacuum pump commonly used in papermaking industry

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