Dry screw vacuum pump make

Dry screw vacuum pump make is a very simple, precise, reliable and efficient dry screw vacuum pump. Dry non-contact operation eliminates the need for lubrication in the vacuum pump room.

What should be considered selection of dry screw vacuum pump

The dry screw vacuum pump is widely used. When selecting equipment, you must consider the actual situation, such as the arrangement of the device, terrain, water level conditions, and economic plan. Please refer to the following explanation for specific considerations:

1. Considering the model and specification of dry screw vacuum pump according to the actual situation

2. In consideration of the selection of the special type number of the vacuum pump, the specific type number on the pattern diagram or series characteristic curve can be enlarged by 5% – 10% according to the flow limit after the selection of the series vacuum pump.

3. According to the nature of the medium, the equipment material is corrosion-resistant or explosion-proof;

4. Considering the size of vibration, the vibration is divided into gas or Electrical Engineering (220 V electrical engineering and 380 V electrical engineering).

5. Also consider the flow size and select the appropriate type of machinery and equipment.

6. The lift is different, single pole vacuum pump or multi pump, high speed pump or low speed vacuum pump (air pump), and the efficiency of multi-stage pump is lower than that of single-stage pump. Single pole vacuum pump and multi-stage pump can be used under the same condition, single pole vacuum pump shall be selected.

In other words, when we choose the dry screw vacuum pump, not only the right model, but also the model is equally important. The model can be determined according to some parameters of the equipment. Refer to the above for details, so as to choose a more appropriate equipment to improve the production efficiency.

Dry screw vacuum pump make

Dry screw vacuum pump make

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