Oil free vacuum pump in aseptic packaging of drugs

Drug packaging is an indispensable part of drug production. In addition, aseptic packaging of equipment and materials is a very important requirement in the medical process. Pincers, tweezers, gauze, cotton wool, prepackaged drugs and other necessary medical articles can not be sterile even if they are put into polyethylene sealed bags spotlessly. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies want to find the most appropriate solution. Our company has developed a set of application solutions for oil-free vacuum pump in the sterile packaging of drugs. Only by selecting the appropriate packaging materials and packaging methods, can we effectively ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

“Production and processing process” has always been the focus of pharmaceutical enterprises in drug quality, but packaging has not attracted enough attention. There are many cases that the drug safety is affected by unsuitable packaging materials / containers, which shows the importance of “aseptic” of drug packaging to drug safety. This has prompted more and more medical packaging manufacturers to make a commitment: safety and sterility are the “second life” of the pharmaceutical industry!

Aseptic packaging is a type of sterilized packaging, one of which is the medical products and medical devices that need to be treated with microorganisms that have been mixed into the packaging.

Why “aseptic” is the direction of drug packaging?

1. Safety is the basis of drug packaging

Packaging materials, especially those in direct contact with drugs, have an important impact on the safety and stability of drugs. Therefore, the applicability of materials will directly affect the safety of drug use. Unsuitable packaging materials can cause the migration and adsorption of active ingredients of drugs, lead to drug failure, and even produce serious side effects.

2. Asepsis will become the direction of drug packaging

“Aseptic” packaging is a method of sterilization and packaging of packaged drugs in “aseptic” environment by using instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. It can better protect the pharmaceutical ingredients and prolong the shelf life.

In fact, it is impossible for any drug to be completely and absolutely sterile in the process of production and packaging, but the use of antimicrobial polymer packaging materials for drug packaging can inhibit bacterial pollution, ensure the effective ingredients of drugs, extend the shelf life of drugs, and ensure the safety of drug use.


Oil free vacuum pump in the vacuum packaging technology has created a new milestone in the packaging industry, so its role will not be firmly limited in the food industry, in the tea, medicine, chemicals, electronic components, agriculture and other industries have its shadow.

Vacuum packaging can effectively prolong the life of electronic products in the process of transportation and storage, and avoid the loss caused by the failure of manufacturers and businesses to properly retain products.

Because of the high health requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the general packaging machine can not meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, oil-free vacuum pump has its unique performance in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. After vacuum packaging, medicine mostly exists in a dust-free and sterile situation, which improves the safety and retention time of medical products. Therefore, the oil-free vacuum pump for vacuum packaging can achieve good results in aseptic packaging of drugs.

Compared with other packaging machines, the most prominent function of oil-free vacuum pump in the application of sterile packaging of drugs is to avoid the mildew, deterioration and other safety problems caused by the contact of drugs and oxygen, and to effectively keep the original dust-free sterile state of drugs for a long time. At present, oil-free vacuum pump has become the necessary packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Asepsis will be the general direction of drug packaging in the future. The safety of drug packaging has been paid more and more attention. Commodity packaging will be an important means of market competition. Pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to packaging design, packaging appearance and packaging quality, understand the lack of packaging, establish correct concepts, and improve the overall competitiveness.

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