Vacuum Diffusion pump for metallizer

Why does vacuum coating diffusion pump preheat

The working principle of the metallized vacuum diffusion pump is that the high-temperature oil releases the flowing oil steam, which carries the air and water vapor in the pump to the cooling tower. The temperature of the cooling tower can make the oil return to the liquid, but the air is expelled. That is to say, the diffusion pump is working with high temperature oil, of course, to heat up to use.

Vacuum Diffusion pump for metallizer

Metallized vacuum diffusion pump does not need to preheat, but need to heat, this is the working principle of the diffusion pump, and in what process does not matter.
Diffusion pump belongs to the booster pump, alone can not be used, must series mechanical pump, such as vane pump, slide valve pump.
The working condition of the diffusion pump is less than 10pa to open the heating furnace.
A diffusion pump is a reciprocating motion in which the oil evaporates and then condenses when heated by an electric furnace, during which air is expelled through a mechanical pump. This is how the diffusion pump works.
Under one circumstance, we suggest: the total pressure vacuum of the mechanical pump reaches less than 2pa, open the electric furnace, and carry out normal work after 40-80 minutes of heating diffusion pump. (the vacuum also increases during heating. At the beginning stage, such as 5-10 minutes, the vacuum may decrease.)

Guide to ordering metallized vacuum diffusion pumps

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