Vacuum system for fly ash treatment

Vacuum System in Fly Ash Treatment of Application

By working with engineers and operators in the power industry, Yazhilide’s electromechanical technology can surpass the limits of vacuum system design and create solutions to meet increasingly demanding application requirements.
1. Good solutions to meet your requirements
2. Configure the standard suite to suit your needs
3. Reliability
4. Compliance with global and industry standards
5. Confidence
6. Comprehensive factory acceptance test, including saturated air test capability
7. Your local partner: local application expertise and service support

Vacuum system for fly ash treatment

Desulfurization of Exhaust Gas

Exhaust gas desulfurization system is a common function of modern coal-fired power plants; the by-product of the process is gypsum, which is produced at the entrance of the scrubber. The liquid ring pump is used on the vacuum filter to provide the vacuum needed for gypsum dehydration, usually belt or drum type. The liquid ring pump usually adopts a single stage design and is selected according to the surface area of the vacuum filter.

Fly ash treatment

The fly ash recovered by ESP is vacuum transported. The fly ash is collected in the funnel at the bottom of ESP and then transported to storage device or loading drum. The liquid ring vacuum pump can withstand fly ash carrying, and the single stage pump structure can ensure good power consumption under pressure suitable for effective transmission.

Pump capacity up to 5000m3/h
Providing corrosion/corrosion resistant materials
Systematized to meet project requirements
One-off or partial recirculation sealed water

Water tank filling

The liquid ring vacuum pump can deal with wet gas without any adverse effects, which makes it very suitable for condenser pouring applications. Water tank filling has two functions: to produce siphon effect to reduce the power required to start the main cooling water pump and to ensure the cooling efficiency of the condenser by preventing the accumulation of air in the upper half of the cooling tube bundle.
Capacity options for 200 and 400 m3/h pumps
Modular Component Design Can Realize Customized Supply Range
Vacuum receiver
Condenser exhaust

In order to improve the availability, operation performance and reliability of steam turbine condenser vacuum plant, the dynamic relationship between vacuum system, condenser performance and turbine back pressure is an important factor in design requirements. When considering the overall plant performance, it is necessary to carefully evaluate this factor.

Air load from steam turbine condenser system is full of steam: liquid ring pump is very suitable for handling high steam load, because many steam will condense during pump suction (through direct condensation operation of inlet water spray, or in contact with sealed water of pump). This condensation reduces the total amount to be treated by the pump, which is an obvious advantage compared with other pumping technologies.
Standard suite for positioning and trimming
Designed specifically to meet HEI specifications
Local maintenance and on-site commissioning support

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