Best selling liquid ring vacuum pump

Hot spot liquid ring vacuum pump

Best selling liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum equipment independently developed and designed by EVP company. Its advanced technology is second to none at home and abroad. After decades of ups and downs, liquid ring vacuum pump has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high efficiency in response to the call of national energy saving production. The working medium of liquid ring vacuum pump is water, which is a kind of crude vacuum pump. The limit vacuum it can obtain is 2000 ~ 4000Pa, and the vacuum degree of the unit composed of Roots vacuum pump can reach 1 ~ 600Pa.

Liquid ring vacuum pump model

For the determination of the model of liquid ring vacuum pump, we should first determine which series of pumps to choose according to the process parameters of the device, physical and chemical properties of the conveying medium, combined with the structural characteristics and applicable stations of our company’s products; then determine the rated flow of liquid ring vacuum pump; moreover, we should also determine its rated lift; then determine the rated flow of liquid ring vacuum pump Electric machinery.

When determining the model of the liquid ring vacuum pump, you should also check the type spectrum of the selected series of pumps, corresponding to the frame of which model the flow and head fall. At this time, you can preliminarily determine the selected model, usually at different speeds, you may choose one model respectively. For checking the performance curve of the preliminarily selected model, you can check whether the NPSHr of the pump is in conformity with the NPSHr Npsha requirements of the device.

When selecting the liquid ring vacuum pump, pay attention to check the performance curve to check whether the rated working point of the selected model falls in the efficient working area of the pump. The final model of 2 liquid ring vacuum pump is determined by comparing the efficiency, speed (the lower the speed, the longer the service life) and price of the pump.

Causes of seal water vaporization in liquid ring vacuum pump unit:

When it comes to the cause of seal water vaporization in liquid ring vacuum pump unit, it is known from the thermodynamic point of view that when the temperature of water reaches the saturation temperature under its corresponding pressure, it will vaporize. The vacuum in the suction chamber of the liquid ring vacuum pump unit in operation is higher than that in the condenser, and the sealing water forming the water ring is powered by the impeller of the vacuum pump, and its temperature will rise about 4 ℃.

When the cooler effect of liquid ring vacuum pump becomes poor, the seal water will vaporize and the output of vacuum pump will decrease. Similarly, the vaporization of seal water is closely related to the unit load. When the unit load is reduced and the condenser vacuum is increased, the vacuum in the suction cavity of the vacuum pump is also increased, and the corresponding saturation temperature is reduced. If the temperature is lower than the seal water temperature of the vacuum pump, the seal water will also be vaporized.

Liquid ring vacuum pump can be used in various occasions with high requirements of corrosion resistance and cleanliness. The mechanical seal of liquid ring vacuum pump adopts imported products, and the seal can be made of fluororubber or polytetrafluoroethylene.

Best selling liquid ring vacuum pump

Best selling liquid ring vacuum pump

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