Vacuum Pump for Kraft paper plant

Papermaking process is a complex chemical and physical process, from pulping to papermaking, it is inseparable from the application of various special chemicals for papermaking energy saving and environmental protection. For example, in the process of pulping, chemical technology should be used to reduce the pulping cooking time and the amount of alkali, the paper black liquor separation, kraft paper, lignin recovery and other organic polymer products, the development of safe and efficient new bleaching agent; In the process of papermaking, high efficiency retention agent and retention technology should be adopted, and the papermaking white water should be treated with chemical and biological technologies to achieve clean discharge, etc. Because papermaking chemicals are applied throughout the whole process of papermaking process, the technological progress of the former is of decisive significance to the cleaner production of the latter. The following is the role of the vacuum system composed of selective vacuum pump in the cowhide factory:

Vacuum system in sheeting machine application

Vacuum system in sheeting machine application

The application of vacuum system in the paper machine of cow leather box board, the vacuum part of the paper machine is a complex system engineering, the vacuum system not only affects the quality of the paper molding, but also relates to the dry degree of the paper when entering the drying, and then determines the steam consumption of the paper sheet copy.

In today’s industrial and commercial product packaging, the most commonly used packaging material is cow leather carton board paper. It is also the fastest growing packaging material in the packaging industry. With the development of the economy, the demand will continue to increase. With the continuous development of carton processing technology, the application range of kraft carton board paper is expanding the constant temperature and humidity test box. The quality standard of kraft board paper is higher and the production is difficult. Due to the limitation of raw materials, puxu vacuum pump and process conditions, it is still difficult to reach the standard. At present the domestic production of some of the key manufacturers of kraft board paper, such as huafeng paper mill, tianjin paperboard factory, chai he paperboard factory production of kraft board paper quality is only equivalent to the national standard – level. Therefore, how to produce high quality cattle leather carton board paper is a serious problem.

Common paper diseases and solutions of cow leather board paper

1.1 embossing

Features: the paperboard appears transparent scattered flowers, dark passage, transparent curtain and pulp together, local fibrous tissue ulceration.


D pulp washing is not clean, wool clogging holes or wool is too old, too dirty, wet paper in the process of extrusion dehydration drainage less than time to make the paper damaged.

2 slurry network high concentration, beating over high, sizing too thick, slow dehydration

3) the forming net is not clean, the mesh is blocked, the water absorbing scraper is uneven or the wool cloth waterproof curtain is damaged, the blanket is returned to the wet water extrusion. National wool cloth too loose or skew, wool poor filtering water. Improper pressure adjustment of each press roller line.

There are three types of vacuum systems:

1. Low vacuum system

2. Medium vacuum system

(1) the system composed of roots pump main pump series mechanical pump;

(2) by the oil booster pump main pump series mechanical pump system;

By roots pump series roots pump, and then series mechanical pump system.

3. High vacuum system

(1) by the diffusion pump main pump series roots pump, and then series mechanical pump system;

(2) a vacuum system consisting of a diffusion pump and a series of mechanical pumps;

(3) by the diffusion pump main pump series oil booster pump, and then series mechanical pump and the vacuum system.

The company provides an integrated vacuum system, which is characterized by expansibility, reliable performance, easy maintenance, low noise and small footprint.

A vacuum system is used in the machine to improve the speed, capacity and equipment utilization of the machine, and improve the quality of the finished paper, providing a guarantee, in addition, it can save energy and reduce consumption, reduce the production cost of tons of paper, and finally achieve the goal of enhancing the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Vacuum Pump for Kraft paper plant

Vacuum Pump for Kraft paper plant

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