Dry screw vacuum pump in vacuum heat treatment process

Vacuum technology is an indispensable technology in the process of metal heat treatment. Compared with rotary vane vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump does not need a lot of maintenance work and reduces the process cost. The front-stage pump of three-stage vacuum system of dry screw vacuum pump is installed to provide vacuum for heat treatment furnace.

Vacuum heat treatment of professional enterprises, processing materials are mainly high alloy steel, but also non-ferrous metals for heat treatment. The core processes include quenching, annealing, copper welding, tin welding and tempering. It is applied in the fields of food, medical treatment, moulding and transmission technology.Customized heat treatment solutions can be customized for customers. Many processes and parameters are mastered in production to generate various required surface characteristics. The surface characteristics of products processed in batches are kept constant and the processing data are filed rigorously.

The basic role of vacuum in heat treatment process is to prevent unnecessary reactions between materials and oxygen in the surrounding environment, because these chemical reactions may have adverse effects on the properties of the metal surface generated. Reduced pressure can also lead to more precise control of the process. Suitable pressure, temperature and process duration can be set according to specific materials, and controlled according to material characteristics, such as vapor pressure curve. Nitrogen is usually used to quench metals after heat treatment, but sometimes argon is needed.

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps have been used in all heat treatment furnaces in the past. In a three-stage vacuum system including a vacuum booster and an oil diffusion vacuum pump, these vacuum pumps are used as front-stage pumps. The vacuum pump layout can make the limit negative pressure of the process chamber in the furnace reach 1 x 10-5 mbar. If required, pressure can be increased by a controlled amount of nitrogen.

However, the previously installed oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump requires a lot of maintenance work: oil and all filters must be replaced every six months. Oil, filters and waste disposal of waste components can lead to increased maintenance costs.

Therefore, an oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump in the equipment is replaced by a dry screw vacuum pump. EVP dry compression vacuum pump adopts a new technology, designed for heat treatment applications. There is no working fluid in the compression chamber, and there is no contact between the pumping medium and the oil or other working fluid. The two screw rods in the compression chamber rotate in the opposite direction without any contact with each other or with the shell. This simple structure makes the screw vacuum pump an economical and durable front-stage pump suitable for vacuum supply system.

Dry Vacuum Pumps

EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw vacuum pump is used as the front pump of three-stage vacuum system. The booster vacuum pump is directly installed on the dry screw vacuum pump through flange connection.

Dry screw vacuum pump advantages:

1. No maintenance was carried out during the period.
2. The energy consumption is equal to that of the old vacuum pump, but the conveying speed is greatly increased, which makes the heat treatment process faster.
3. In addition, the low noise performance of dry screw vacuum pump is also surprising.

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