Stainless Steel Tee Pipe Fittings

KF vacuum tee quick flange fittings plumbing fittings

These tees have iso-kf vacuum flanges of the same size on all three ports. Tee is a common component of vacuum piping systems and is used to provide 90 degree branches.

Connect multiple vacuum furnaces to one pump, or connect multiple pumps to one furnace for faster, deeper vacuum.

material stainless steel
size KF10 KF16 KF25 KF40 KF50
Flange size NW-10,NW-16,NW-25,NW-40 and NW-50
Types Equal diameter tee, different diameter tee

Stainless Steel Tee Pipe Fittings

Stainless steel tee is a section of main pipe and a small branch pipe. Obviously, the two large sizes are the main pipe, and the small size connecting from the middle is the branch pipe In the pure oxygen pipeline, there is pressure generally, and the oxygen activity is greater; if a reducing tee is used, as long as the debris in the pipe moves with the oxygen flow, the flow rate changes due to the change of pipe diameter, which may cause the collision between the debris and the pipe, or the electrostatic discharge produced due to the change of flow rate, which may cause the fire and explosion of the pure oxygen pipe.

Stainless steel tee pipe fittings principle

Stainless steel tee is a kind of pipe fitting used in the branch of pipe. For using seamless tube to manufacture tee joint, there are two kinds of commonly used processes: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing. Hydraulic bulging of stainless steel tee is a forming process of branch pipe by axial compensation of metal material. The process is to use a special hydraulic press to inject liquid into the tube blank with the same diameter as the tee joint, and extrude the tube blank through two horizontal side cylinders of the hydraulic press synchronously. After being extruded, the volume of the tube blank becomes smaller, and the pressure of the liquid in the tube blank increases with the decrease of the volume of the tube blank. When the pressure required for the expansion of the stainless steel tee branch pipe is reached, the liquid pressure of the metal material in the side cylinder and tube blank will be increased Under the double action of force, the branch pipe will flow along the die cavity.

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