EVP Series Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

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Description: Main Applications: Used for scientific and chemical analysis; An aux.pump in oil-free pumping system;
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Main Applications:

It is used widely in Semiconductor Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, vacuum packing and scientific and chemical analysis.

It can work well with below:

1.Photovoltaic production line

2.Lithium battery manufacturing process

3.Freezer dryer

4.Film preparation equipment

5.As backing pump of molecular pump.

6. Used for scientific and chemical analysis;

7. An aux.pump in oil-free pumping system;

8. Used in enclosing room in sem-conductor fab. equipments;

9. An aux.pump in electron miscrope;

10. Used in Ic equipment

Technical Features:

Invulnerable to exterior dust contamination;

Interior oil-free, clean vacuum assured;

Smooth running, low noise;

Water cooling unneeded, corrosion-proof;

Easy operation, low maintenance expense;


1.EVP are designed by reference of the design of Edwards, Varian, Iwata.

2.Same seal & gasket of Japan Anest Iwata.

3.Fast delivery, we have pump in stock.


Technical Data :

Item Technical Specifications
Model EVP-300 EVP-600 EVP-1000
Nominal capacity 4.4 L/s 8.8 L/s 16.6 L/s
Ultimate pressure ≤ 3Pa ≤ 3Pa ≤ 1Pa
Leak rate 1X10-6 Pa.m3/S (for special gas can reach to 1X10-8Pa.m3/S)
Water vapor

treatment capacity (gas ballast open)







Motor Data 0.55KW 0.75KW 1.5KW
Rotary speed 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz) 1450rpm (50Hz)
Temperature 5~40℃ 5~40℃ 5~40℃
Noise <65dB <65dB <68dB
Noise (gas ballast) <70dB <70dB <74dB
Gas inlet

connecting flange

KF25 KF40 KF40
Gas outlet

connecting flange

KF25 KF25 KF40


470X270X364 (mm) 490X340X370 (mm) 560X390X420


Weight 35Kg 44Kg 64Kg

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