Double stage water ring vacuum pump

Two-stage water ring vacuum pump product overview:

It is mainly used to remove air and other corrosive gases which are not allowed to be water and allow a small amount of solid particles. The double stage water ring vacuum pump has the characteristics of high vacuum, simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

Working principle of double stage water ring vacuum pump:

A certain amount of water is injected into the cylinder of a cylinder of a water ring vacuum pump. The star impeller is eccentric in the pump cylinder. When the impeller rotates, the water is thrown to the four sides by the centrifugal force to form a closed closed water ring relative to the impeller. The suction gas in the vacuum pump enters the space between the suction hole and the suction hole between the water ring and the impeller. On the right crescent part, the volume of the space is gradually increased by the rotation of the impeller, thus producing vacuum suction gas.

As the impeller rotates, the gas enters the crescent shaped part on the left side. Because the impeller is eccentrically rotating, the space gradually reduces, the gas is gradually compressed and boosted, gas and water will be entered into the water tank by the exhaust hole through the exhaust pipe through the exhaust pipe, and then release automatically after the gas discharge. In the water ring vacuum pump, the waste water and air are discharged into the water tank together.

Double stage water ring vacuum pump

Application range of double stage water ring vacuum pump:

It is widely used in vacuum evaporation, concentration, impregnation, drying and other processes in food, textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


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