Air compressor for electronic industry

Electronics industry

Use sensitive high-tech equipment to process and manufacture electronic components. This is a big capital investment for any operator and the equipment needs to be protected at all times.

This type of equipment USES a lot of compressed air for pneumatic transmission of components or sensitive valves. The air must be oil-free — that can be done, of course.

The presence of oil pollution in compressed air can lead to costly maintenance work and, in severe cases, to total plant shutdowns.

We understand that there are many aspects of work to worry about. And compressed air quality is just some of the things you need to guarantee.

All of our compressors ensure a completely clean and consistent air source to keep your eyes on business performance.

Air compressor system operation steps

(1) select frequency conversion/power frequency to start before starting;
(2) start the “start” button of the air compressor, the inverter starts within the set time, and the air compressor starts to work;
(3) the frequency converter checks the outlet pressure of the network management according to the on-site pressure transmitter, and adjusts the output frequency of the frequency converter after PID instruction operation;
(4) stop the air compressor, and the air compressor and the inverter stop working at the same time;

Air compressor features

1. High reliability

The main engine parts of scroll cutter compressor are less, which is 1/8 of the number of piston machines. High mechanical efficiency, low vibration. Scientific control of the whole machine system to ensure the improvement of stability.

Second, the lowest noise

Low noise. Save a lot of installation costs, more in line with the environmental requirements.

3. Lowest energy consumption

Because several working cavities are gradually compressed, the pressure difference between adjacent working cavities is very small, so leakage is naturally rare. A compression process is compressed several times, high thermal efficiency.

4. The maintenance cost is the lowest

Air compressor head warranty for 10 years, the whole machine warranty for 2 years, maintenance costs are low.

Air compressor for electronic industry

Air compressor for electronic industry

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