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With the increasing demand for paper quality and performance, and the gradual development of modern paper production towards wide and high speed, the market demand of low-end paper-making network, which is mainly used in backward papermaking capacity, is shrinking gradually, and the market space of high-end paper-making network, which meets the requirements of modern papermaking machine, will be wider. Many domestic enterprises actively develop middle and high-end products by introducing high-end equipment and improving process flow to improve product quality and technical content. International well-known paper-making network enterprises have built factories in China and become larger and larger. With their traditional advantages, they continue to defend their leading position in the high-end field.

In papermaking process, vacuum technology is mainly used for dehydration of pulp and degassing of white water (for high-speed paper machine); dewatering of paper sheets and blankets can be removed in the nets and pressing parts; and vacuum technology is used in the steam and condensation water system of paper machine to maintain the pressure difference of multi-section steam in drying cylinder. Therefore, the application of vacuum technology in paper machine production is very common.

Vacuum technology is one of the key factors in paper forming, which can remove moisture from the web and blanket by vacuum technology. It plays an important role in ensuring the uniform distribution of fibers in paper, improving the wet strength of paper, increasing the retention rate of fillers and fine fibers, smoothly introducing paper and stabilizing the moisture content of pressed paper.

There are many paper making pump used in paper industry, mainly Roots vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump. What are the characteristics of Roots vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump? EVP Vacuum Pump Manufacturer takes you to know:

Roots vacuum pump:

It is mainly used in vacuum system of small paper machine.

Advantages: Roots vacuum pump has the advantages of small size, light weight and energy saving.

Disadvantages: the rotor is easy to wear, small suction capacity, low vacuum, etc. When used in 100-400 mmHg vacuum, it can operate normally, but when the vacuum degree exceeds 400 mmHg, its efficiency decreases sharply.


Liquid ring vacuum pump:

Widely used in large and medium-sized paper mills

Advantages: The liquid ring vacuum pump has the characteristics of compact structure and easy maintenance. Because there is no mechanical friction in the rotating part, the service life of the rotating part is longer, the operation is reliable, and the efficiency decreases slightly in the case of large suction volume.

Disadvantage: Low efficiency, about 50%.

Roots vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump have their own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable working conditions are the most important. If you don’t know much about paper making pump and don’t know how to choose, you can consult us

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