Vietnam liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

Vietnam reliable liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

Vietnam’s liquid ring vacuum pump EVP company, small series on how to switch liquid ring vacuum pump?

Switch of liquid ring vacuum pump: when switching vacuum pump, attention should be paid to prevent large vacuum fluctuation. Switch to vacuum pump 14 for operation instructions. Whether the grounding wire is intact; Whether the cooling water of circulating liquid cooler of vacuum pump is connected; Whether the gas-liquid separation tank has spillage; Check if inlet valve 12 of vacuum pump 14 is closed. After the inspection, switch the vacuum pump according to the following steps:
(1) start the vacuum pump 14, press the operation button, observe the pressure indicator, wait for the vacuum degree to reach the given value before the next operation;
(2) slowly open the inlet valve 12 of vacuum pump 14, wait for the vacuum indicator to be stable to do the next operation;
(3) slowly close the vacuum pump 6 inlet valve 4;
(4) stop the operation of vacuum pump 6, press the stop operation button;
(5) stop the circulating liquid cooler of vacuum pump 6, shut down the water supply and backwater valve. Vacuum pump switching completed.

Vietnam liquid ring vacuum pump supplier

With the progress of science and technology, rotary vacuum pump is really connected with chestnut and sunflower seeds. Rotary vane vacuum pump is adopted to improve the explosive shell, shell will agricultural products (such as chestnuts, sunflower, etc.) after rinsing and selection process in vacuum explosive shell machine, vacuum conditions will have a definite moisture of wet material is heated to a certain temperature, vacuum pump suction, make its shell material absorption of moisture evaporation from time to time and have been removed, the toughness and strength is reduced, brittleness increases greatly. Vacuum can also reduce the pressure outside the shell, the shell will be in a relatively high pressure state. The shell will be heated and dried to produce stress and strain, and the kernel will also be heated to vaporize the moisture inside, and the kernel will shrink due to water loss, making it separate from the endothelium and the shell. Since the moisture in the nut cannot escape from the shell after vaporization, the pressure inside the shell increases further, and when it reaches a certain value, the shell and endothelium burst. Vacuum explosive shell liquid ring vacuum pumps its processing technology has not only high efficiency, and health, not only adapt to mass production, and can stick to the prototype for nuts, color, flavor, such as grinding, rolling, extrusion processing technology, greatly reduces the loss of broken and nuts, explosive shell rate above 90%, and improved product quality, has a broad application value.

The surface of various materials in a vacuum system desorption of gases released. At normal pressure, the surface of the material in the vacuum system will absorb and dissolve some of the gas. At negative pressure, this part of the gas will be re-released. The discharge flow of liquid ring vacuum pump is related to material properties, treatment process and material surface state.
The outer atmosphere of the vacuum system permeates the gas in the system through the wall material. Gases also dissolve and percolate in solids. Therefore, the atmosphere will permeate part of the gas into the vacuum system through the material of the vessel wall structure. This kind of permeation can not be considered in general metal system, but some applications in glass vacuum system or thin-wall metal system need to consider the influence of permeation gas.

1. The pressure of vacuum pump should meet the working pressure of the process. Usually the ultimate pressure of the selected pump is about an order of magnitude lower than the process requirements.
2, each pump has a certain working pressure range, therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected in this range, and can not let it in the allowed working pressure to work hours.
3. The vacuum pump should be able to exhaust all the air generated in the process of vacuum equipment under its pressure.
4. Select vacuum unit:
(1) when one type of pump cannot meet the requirements of pumping and vacuum, several types of pumps shall be combined to supplement each other to meet the process requirements.
(2) some vacuum jumps cannot work under atmospheric pressure and need pre-vacuum; Some vacuum pump outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, the need for the front stage pump, so the pump combination is needed. The combination of vacuum pump, we call it vacuum pump set, reliable liquid ring vacuum pump can make the vacuum system get better vacuum degree and discharge capacity. We should choose the right combination of vacuum pumps, because different vacuum pumps have different requirements for the extraction of gas.

The following is Vietnam’s liquid ring vacuum pump EVP vacuum equipment company, small make up for everyone how to choose liquid ring vacuum pump lubricating oil method:

1, suitable viscosity and good viscotemperature characteristics: liquid ring vacuum pump chamber content changes constantly to form exhaust effect, the oil should have appropriate viscosity and viscotemperature characteristics.
2, low vapor pressure: this is a big characteristic of vacuum lubricating oil, because the vacuum pump has a high requirement for vacuum degree, generally use paraffin base narrow fraction lubricating oil, for diffusion vacuum pump, can also use silicon oil with very low vapor pressure or other synthetic oil.
3. Good corrosion resistance and anti-emulsification: if corrosive gas is inhaled by vacuum pump, it will have chemical reaction with oil, corrode the parts inside the pump, and often contains condensed water in the inhaled air, causing emulsification of lubricating oil and corrosion of metal, so the lubricating oil is required to have good corrosion resistance and anti-emulsification.
4, good thermal oxidation stability: because the high-speed friction between the slide and the pump body makes the oil temperature rise, the oil is easy to oxidize and decompose, especially the diffusion pump often works in a very high temperature environment, raising the vapor pressure in the system, reducing the vacuum, so the lubricating oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability.
5, lower limit pressure: limit pressure is an important performance index of lubricating oil.

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