rotary vane vacuum pump oil change

Rotary vane vacuum pump is an oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump. Its working pressure range is 101325~1.33 * 10 (Pa), which belongs to the low vacuum pump. It can be used alone or as a front pump for other high vacuum pumps or ultra high vacuum pumps. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medicine and other production and scientific research departments.

Rotary vane vacuum pump can set the upper and lower limits of the required vacuum. When the vacuum reaches the upper limit, the pump will stop automatically, and when the vacuum drops to the lower limit, the pump will start automatically. The oil level of rotary vane vacuum pump needs regular inspection. To check the oil level of the rotary vane vacuum pump, the oil level should be in the center of the oil mark of the rotary vane vacuum pump. The oil level is too low to seal the exhaust valve, which will affect the vacuum degree. If the oil level is too high, it will cause fuel injection when starting.

Before the rotary vane vacuum pump runs, take off the triangle belt first, turn the motor to correct, and then start, so as not to inject oil. During operation, the oil level rises slightly, which is a normal phenomenon. When the fuel is insufficient, vacuum pump oil is added from the fuel hole. Oil needs to be filtered to prevent debris from entering and plugging oil holes.

Oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump port, such as solenoid valve, should act simultaneously with the pump. When starting the rotary vane vacuum pump, the start button should be first or twice activated to make the oil pressure in the pump chamber into the oil tank, and then start the operation formally. When the ambient temperature is higher, the oil temperature of rotary vane vacuum pump increases, the viscosity decreases, and the saturated steam increases, which will cause the limit vacuum to drop. Therefore, ventilation and heat dissipation should be strengthened. The rotary vane vacuum pump with gas valve has more condensable steam in the suction gas.

Before shutting down the rotary vane vacuum pump, the valve at the suction port should be closed to isolate it from the vacuum system, and then the pump should be shut down to check the limit vacuum of the rotary vane vacuum pump. The compressed vacuum gauge should be used. The vacuum gauge should be directly connected to the rotary vane vacuum pump port and will reach the limit vacuum within 30 minutes. Before starting, check whether the cooling water of the water-cooled pump can be connected. When the ambient temperature is low, the belt pulley can be moved by hand so that the oil in the pump chamber can be discharged into the tank. Then press the motor button to send electricity, pay attention to whether the power direction can be reversed, and whether the rotation direction of the pump is correct.

At the same time, the rotary vane vacuum pump can also adjust the vacuum required in practical work. It can set and display the vacuum (negative pressure) value in real time through the integrated digital liquid crystal panel. The flow rate of the vacuum pump can be adjusted in size. The rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with high sensitivity import sensors, high quality flow regulating valves and so on. Precision control circuit, to complete the “automatic adjustment” function, greatly saving the time and energy of developers; Rotary vane vacuum pump built-in low interference, long-life micro-vacuum pump; with the special silencing system of micro-air pump and independent shock absorption system, to ensure that intelligent vacuum pump can work for a long time, low noise, reliable.

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