Stainless steel bellows type

Vacuum now on the market now to put it bluntly of key raw materials into 304 with 316 l stainless steel bellows, two are 300 stainless steel sheet is common in our country, both based on component is added without Mo (Mo), key corrosion damage of professional skills, but say the truth, the tube of water can drink at once, so with no 316 l so anyone heard as well as other raw materials in other words, if you can once and for all, then add on 316 l, will feel, that’s all right, in 304 is also ok.

Stainless steel bellows type

Stainless steel bellows type


Stainless steel bellows type size

Now on the market at present all you can see or buy stainless steel bellows, welding method is divided into spiral welding with straight welding, generally speaking, the straight welding is better than the spiral. After the steel watchband welding, is a very long, very long straight tap water pipeline, bright and clean as wash, then go to the wave, in other words to this tube with wavy.

Stainless steel bellows deformation expertise, similar to the effect of elastic yellow, add wave, can be developed to bend, deal with part of the joint bending problem as far as possible, can reduce the demand for pipe bend, and thus reduce the direct cost of all pipe system software.

Stainless steel bellows also more prominent benefits, let’s talk about its advantages:

First, it has high compressive strength and is not in the same class as a plastic hose.

Second, the inner cavity is smooth and clean. The composite material is hydrophobic and has fast water flow rate.

Third, carbon-free, there is no need to take into account the problem of anaerobic granular sludge breeding, as is currently the case with plastic hoses.

So look, stainless steel bellows is really good, but this kind of effective to the difficult problem of life, more than 20 percent more expensive than plastic hose, because of its price here, the raw material of composite material must be more than plastic cost, I believe this point ordinary people can grasp right? Generally in accordance with the 100 – to calculate the pipe, generally in the 40-50 meters long, not considering the ground heating, all the water level up is also a 23000 yuan of money, but instead of stainless steel tube, a minimum standard of 30% is to be able to accept, after all the direct costs into it, and that the more thick stainless steel tube is higher, by the way, now on the market generally all is 0.3 thick, you may ask why is 0.3, a line, the second is the thicker to make.

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