KF Compressible Bellows

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Description: Flange: SS 304 (Other material Available upon request)
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The stainless steel bellows is the perfect solution for applications where standard straight-line vacuum plumbing is not practical or where vibration isolation is required. EVP offers two type of bellows. One is Flexible hoses, and another is Flexible bellows connection. The KF compressible bellows connections can be bent and compressed. The KF compressible bellows connections are used for foreline vacuum plumbing and for simple high vacuum(HV) chamber ports. EVP’s KF compressible bellows connections are the vacuum industry standard for ultra-high vacuum applications.

– Flange: 304 S. S. (Other material Available upon request)

Size diameter Long
NW16KF 30 100
NW25KF 40 100
NW40KF 55 100
NW50KF 75 100

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