Very Short Weld Flange

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Description: KF series quick release flange are manufactured to the GB4982-85 Standard.
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We are professionalized in vacuum corrugated pipe, quick release flange, vacuum connections, vacuum components, KF flange, vacuum parts, callipers and bolts, stainless steel vacuum corrugated pipe. All can be designed according to different requirements from customers.

KF series quick release flange are manufactured to the GB4982-85 Standard, another vacuum components and different specifications of three-way types, blind plates, metal flexible corrugated pipes, callipers and bolts, heel blocks, holders are manufactured to the ISO Standard. It is widely used in the assorted Vacuum systems or the low-voltage pipe system, such as industry electronic, food machinery, petrochemical industry, medicine machinery, which is sealed superior and connected reliable.

KF-10 30 10 14
KF-16 30 16 20
KF-25 30 25 28
KF-40 30 40 45
KF-50 30 50 55

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