Dry screw vacuum pump for medical packaging

The dry screw vacuum pump meets your efficient and clean vacuum requirements: large pumping speed range, clean and pollution-free, meeting the demanding and clean environment of pharmaceutical and chemical industries! Free technical service, Shanghai EVP creates a super high-priced screw vacuum pump for you!

The main product of the pharmaceutical packaging company is a small rubber component for medical equipment. It mainly produces rubber parts for syringe plungers and sealing caps for sterile products. The thermoforming machine uses screw vacuum technology. The vacuum system with four screw vacuum pumps ensures excellent product quality, so that the air and air bubbles in the rubber parts are completely removed during the molding process. The plug of the blood collection hose and the components of the disposable syringe. The manufacturing process includes all stages of production from the mixing of raw materials to the shipment of aseptic rubber component products.

medical packaging

The first stage of production is to mix the rubber with additives and chemicals to form a ribbon substrate, which is then rolled into a loop. The composition of these substrates depends on their future application and is prepared according to customer specifications. Several strips consisting of multiple thermoforming machines automatically cut these strip substrates into appropriate sizes. The trimmed piece of material is pressed into the mold under vacuum and the different components are then stamped, vulcanized, tested, rinsed and packaged.

The molding process requires enormous mechanical pressure, at temperatures between 175 ° C and 180 ° C and a vacuum of 1 mbar. The above vacuum must be achieved in order to remove air bubbles from the finished product and to remove steam generated by high temperatures and pressures during this process. These formers were originally equipped with oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, but soon there was a serious problem: the vacuum pump oil reacted with the steam generated in the process, resulting in the formation of emulsions and grease deposits in the vacuum pump. These deposits reduce the vacuum performance and therefore fail to achieve the desired vacuum and pumping speed.

Shanghai EVP is an excellent vacuum pump manufacturer in China. Its main products include rotary vane vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, piston vacuum pump, turbo molecular pump, water ring vacuum pump, and provide vacuum application technology solutions.

Screw Vacuum Pump

dry screw vacuum pump

After an in-depth analysis by Shanghai EVP vacuum experts, the solution was to replace the oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump with the dry screw technology. Subsequently, the screw vacuum pump was carefully tested. This vacuum pump does not use working fluid in the compression chamber during operation, which means that the extracted steam does not come into contact with any other medium in the vacuum pump. In addition, the operating temperature of the vacuum pump causes condensation to occur when the steam passes through the pump. Tests have shown that the performance of the test system is very satisfactory, so a line consisting of six molding machines ordered two dryscrew vacuum pumps. The vacuum pumps are equipped with Roots vacuum pumps as booster pumps. This layout allows the vacuum system to be installed away from the production plant and supplies the vacuum to the thermoforming machine through the piping system. The upstream vacuum tank ensures that the required vacuum and pumping speed are continuously efficient. All vacuum units are equipped with a fully automatic control system to monitor the vacuum and to properly control the number of vacuum pumps operating for the current needs of the thermoforming machine. In other words, all vacuum pumps are turned on when the entire line is operating at maximum capacity. For daily use, you only need to run 3 sets of vacuum pump combinations. The goal is to maximize energy efficiency, which is another important reason for choosing dry screw technology and concentrated vacuum supply.

dry screw vacuum pump vacuum system advantages:

1. Due to the dry screw vacuum technology, the extracted steam will not react with the working fluid.

2. Due to the uniform temperature distribution throughout the unit, no condensate will be produced in the vacuum pump.

3. A large amount of energy can be saved due to the central vacuum system supply and automatic on-demand control.

4. The vacuum supply is particularly reliable.

5. Reduced maintenance costs, replacement parts and production downtime due to a significant reduction in maintenance operations.

6. The vacuum system can be safely accessed even when the thermoforming machine is running, and maintenance can be performed during production.

7. Since the central vacuum system is installed outside the production site, there is no noise emission in the production site or workstation.


dry screw vacuum pump material:

Pump body: ductile iron, uncoated

Rotor: cast iron, uncoated

Synchronous gear: alloy steel, fine grinding, helical gear

Drive end shaft seal: mechanical seal & lip seal

Non-drive end shaft seal: triple lip seal & double lip seal

Drive shaft end shaft seal: mechanical seal

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