Vertical screw pump operation

Vertical screw vacuum pump sealing structure

The utility model provides a vertical screw vacuum pump seal structure, including primary labyrinth ring seal, flange seal, nitrogen sealed cavity, secondary labyrinth ring sealing and mechanical seal, and is in the vertical screw vacuum pump vacuum pump and tank gear cavity between the order from top to bottom in turn set, nitrogen seal chamber is made up of vertical screw vacuum pump, screw shaft and bearing under labyrinth ring sealing and into a closed cavity, through the nitrogen sealed cavity sets have inflatable mouth and sewage outlet. The outlet of the utility model through five seal structure and work together, cleverly made when cleaning liquid vertical screw vacuum pump or pump run time after the condensation of the liquid in the secondary labyrinth ring seal were intercepted before, to avoid the pollution of gear oil tank cavity lubricating oil, and raised the vacuum pump and tank gear cavity between the gas tightness.

Vertical screw pump operation

Main claim:
The sealing structure of a vertical screw vacuum pump is characterized by a first-level labyrinth rear-ring seal, an expansion ring seal, a nitrogen seal chamber, a second-level labyrinth rear-ring seal and a mechanical seal, and it is arranged from top to bottom between the vacuum pump chamber of the vertical screw vacuum pump and the gear tank chamber according to the above order.

Vertical screw pump for operation of safety precautions

1. In order to ensure the correct and proper operation of the vacuum pump from the beginning, please read the operation manual carefully before installing and starting the vacuum pump.

2. The vacuum pump must only be operated and maintained by trained staff.

3. Vertical screw vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping the following substances:
■ flammable or explosive gases
■ radioactive and toxic substances
■ gas mixtures with oxygen content > 21%
■ pyrophoric substances
■ liquid

4. Make sure that the air flow in the exhaust pipe will not be restricted or blocked. Do not restrict or install valves at the outlet of the pump. The pressure in the exhaust line must not exceed P exhaust = pnenvironmental + 200 mbar. This also applies to the pressure limit when the extracted gas needs to be recovered.

5. Cut off the power supply of the motor before disassembling or maintaining the pump. Before switching on the new power supply, make sure that the pump is completely reassembled, the protective cover is correctly placed, and all valves are in place and closed. If the pump starts suddenly during maintenance, it will cause serious personal injury.

Vertical screw pump for operation

6. If the protective cover is not installed correctly, it will be very dangerous to approach the rotating parts.

7. When connecting the pump to the vacuum chamber, it is necessary to install a suitable valve (such as electric isolation valve), which can block the inlet pipeline. In case of sudden power failure leading to shutdown, the valve can be closed to prevent the rotor reverse caused by the pump breaking empty. Otherwise, the pump will be damaged or the pump cavity may be contaminated by the oil passing through the shaft seal due to reverse exhaust.

8. Only lift the pump through the lifting ring or bracket of the pump, and do not lift other auxiliary equipment of the pump.

9. Do not touch the high temperature surface of the pump.

10. The pump can only work at the specified frequency.

11. The inclination angle in vertical direction shall not exceed 2 degrees during installation.

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