Vacuum pump for milk factory

The heart of the milking equipment used in the milk factory is the vacuum pump, and the vacuum pump generates vacuum through working. Connected to the vacuum pump is a vacuum barrel, which is connected with the milk delivery pipe, cleaning pipe and air pipe. After the pipe enters the milking hall, each pipe is vacuum, and finally milking is done through the frequency of the pulsator. Next, I would like to introduce the vacuum pump of milk factory:

2bv liquid ring vacuum pump for vacuum pump in milk factory.

Vacuum pump for milk factory

1. Vacuum pump in milk factory of working structure

The 2bv liquid ring vacuum pump and the motor form a single whole with small volume and compact structure. You don’t need a chassis.

The 2bv liquid ring vacuum pump works according to the principle of water ring. The impeller is eccentrically installed in the pump body. After the pump is started, the working fluid forms a liquid ring concentric with the pump body in the pump body. The liquid ring pulsates periodically between the impeller blades. When pulsating, the gas is inhaled from the inlet of the disc and discharged from the exhaust port of the disc through compression.

2. Vacuum pump in milk factory of application field

2.1 2bv liquid ring vacuum pump is used in the coarse vacuum range, and the limit vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

2bv series single stage direct connection vacuum pump is suitable for continuous operation, for forming vacuum, suitable for removing dry and wet gas, mainly non-flammable, non-corrosive atmosphere and large gas/steam mixture. The working fluid is usually water.

2.2 ultimate vacuum

The ultimate vacuum depends on the operating temperature and the type of working fluid used.

Note: the suction pressure of the vacuum pump without cavitation protection shall not be lower than 80mbar, which is to avoid cavitation in the pump when the water temperature is 15℃ and the dry air temperature is 20℃. The higher the temperature is, depending on the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid, the higher the minimum allowable suction pressure will be. The higher the temperature, the lower the inspiratory capacity.

Note: if the vacuum pump of 2bv liquid ring runs for a long time under the minimum allowable suction pressure, cavitation phenomenon will occur and cause damage to the pump.

2.3 maximum exhaust pressure

The maximum allowable exhaust pressure of the 2bv series liquid ring vacuum pump is 1200mbar.

2.4 the extracted gas or steam

The pumped gas or mixture of gases/vapors is not allowed to contain solid particles, but a small amount of suspended matter or liquid is allowed.

The maximum amount of water allowed to be absorbed by the suction flange.

When the hot gas or steam above 80℃ is removed, it is recommended to use the working fluid twice the standard flow or use the front condenser.

2.5 working liquid

When the 2bv series liquid ring vacuum pump is running, the working fluid must be continuously supplemented. The working fluid does not contain solid particles (such as sand, etc.) and filters should be added when necessary.

Table 1 shows the amount of work fluid supplement necessary to remove dry air. To ensure adequate inflow of working fluid, the supply pressure should be higher than the suction pressure of 1bar.

The working fluid is discharged along with the exhaust gas.

The separator is used as an accessory to separate gas and working fluid. At the same time separator can allow part of the working fluid circulation.

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