vacuum pump for condenser vacuum

Vacuum pumps and complete sets of units can be used for vacuum pumping and vacuum maintenance of condensers.

In the vacuum pumping stage, the air and other non-condensable gases in the condenser are extracted by the initial vacuum pumping when the steam has not been introduced into the condenser; in the vacuum maintenance stage, the vacuum pump continues to work to extract the leaked dry air during the operation of the condenser, maintaining the back pressure of the condenser at the optimum working point to ensure the efficient operation of the steam turbine. OK, improve the thermal efficiency of the power plant. The optimized 2BE series liquid ring unit can satisfy the reliable operation of users under various complex operating conditions.

The efficiency of steam turbine is an important part of power generation. The liquid ring vacuum pump plays an important role in maximizing efficiency by removing excess air from the system. When leaving the turbine, steam will be condensed by water or air-cooled condenser, thus generating vacuum in the turbine, thereby improving efficiency. In order to maintain this vacuum, air and other non condensable gases must be extracted (leaking into the condenser and accumulating in it). The liquid ring vacuum pump has been used worldwide in this key application.


liquid ring vacuum pump in Condenser Drainage System

When steam expands in a turbine, it loses enthalpy, pressure and temperature. Therefore, it cools to form a mixture of water and steam. Further cooling occurs at the condenser. The pump is installed at the exhaust port of the condenser. These pumps maintain vacuum at the condenser side to prevent back pressure of the turbine (the condenser air arches), remove all non-condensable air, and maintain a slight vacuum (hold state). According to the size of the factory, single-stage and double-stage ring pumps can be used. Because the pump uses water, most of the water vapor will condense and the non-condensable air will be eliminated.

The low vacuum at the condenser prevents pressure from forming at the turbine exhaust, thus ensuring that all steam is used to provide mechanical power to drive the turbine and the generator set.

liquid ring vacuum pump in Water Injection of Condenser Tank

The condenser accumulates bubbles at the top of the cooling tube, which reduces the efficiency of the heat exchanger, increases the pumping energy and forms an air lock. The liquid ring pump is the best packing system, which can eliminate bubbles, because they will not be corroded.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is used to inject water into the condenser water tank to ensure that they operate under the optimum cooling performance. The pump also performs degassing tasks and continues to remove accumulated air and non-condensable gases from the condenser cooling water.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is also used in waste gas treatment process, fly ash treatment and flue gas desulfurization.

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