Vacuum System for Fish Products Packaging

Many foods in circulation on the market need to be packaged into bags. Food packaged into bags has many advantages. Mainly reflected in: protecting food and prolonging the shelf life of food; convenient circulation of packaged food; promote the rationality and planning of food circulation. Therefore, a vacuum system solution that meets the working conditions is very important.

The fish products are packed by central vacuum system. EVP vacuum pump manufacturer reliable vacuum technology and vacuum pump used in packaging system, the effect is very good. All products are packaged in inert environment, in which carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 70%, nitrogen (N2) accounts for 30%. Vacuum packaging has the advantage of removing residual oxygen and greatly prolonging the shelf life of products. Inert gases in packaging help prevent product breakage and consequent water loss. At the same time, it can maintain the shape of fresh smoked fish, whether strip or thin.

The equipment has two production lines, producing cold and hot smoked fish products. Product packaging should be carried out on three semi-automatic production lines, and the final product will be automatically transferred to the packaging station, but the tray or aluminum foil packaging link needs to be completed manually. The factory uses two shifts, so the central vacuum system can work up to 16 hours a day.

Vacuum System for Fish Products Packaging

Why use the central vacuum system?

After using the central vacuum system, there is no need for vacuum pumps in the production and packaging areas, which reduces noise and temperature and improves the working environment of employees. In addition, the single vacuum pump can be maintained without shutting off the vacuum supply in the process of maintenance, and maintenance personnel do not need to enter the production area, which is very helpful to maintain sanitation, and the rotary vane vacuum pump has good durability and reliability.

The central system can provide a stable vacuum supply. The vacuum system is installed separately in a room and connected to three packing lines through pipes. Two vacuum tanks share a room: the first provides a low vacuum, quickly extracts the air from the packaging line pipeline, and then uses the high vacuum of the second tank. The high vacuum level determines the pressure in packaging. Through this design, the packaging line can always obtain sufficient vacuum to ensure full-load production. Central vacuum systems also have one advantage: they require fewer vacuum pumps than decentralized systems. The pumps in the central vacuum pump can be controlled individually, and only those vacuum pumps that meet the current necessary needs will work.

The product size entering the packing station is not fixed, so the packing volume and turnaround time will be different. In practice, this means that the packaging line only needs part of the load of the vacuum system, while the controller closes the surplus pump. Therefore, the vacuum supply will run the vacuum pump on demand, and the energy consumption is much less than that of the decentralized system. Distributed vacuum pumps are directly connected to the packaging line and cannot close a single vacuum pump. As a result, all vacuum pumps are turned on at full load, even if they are not needed.

This production facility is designed for future expansion, so the capacity of the vacuum supply is also allowed to connect at least two more packaging lines without major adjustments. The vacuum system consists of four rotary vane vacuum pumps and two Roots vacuum pumps. One of the rotary vane vacuum pumps is only a standby device.

Vacuum System for Fish Products Packaging

JZPX Series Roots-Rotary Pump System

Model Pump Model Pumping Speed Ultimate Vacuum Inlet Diam Motor Power (Kw)
Main Pump Fore Pump Main Pump Fore Pump
L/s Pa Torr mm
JZPX70-4 ZJP70 2X-15 70 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 80 1.1 2.2
JZPX150-5 ZJP150 2X-30A 150 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 100 2.2 3
JZPX300-4 ZJP300 2X-70A 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 150 4 5.5
JZPX300-7 ZJP300 2X-30A 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 150 4 3
JZPX600-8 ZJP-600 2X-70A 600 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 200 7.5 5.5
JZPX150-42 ZJP1500 ZJP30 2X-15A 150 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 100 2.2 0.75 2.2
JZPX300-42 ZJP300 ZJP70 2X-30A 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 150 4 1.1 3
JZPX300-44 ZJP300 ZJP70 2X-15A 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 150 4 1.1 2.2
JZPX600-42 ZJP600 ZJP150 2X-70A 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 200 7.5 2.2 5.5
JZPX600-45 ZJPP600 ZJP150 2X-30A 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 200 7.5 2.2 3
JZPX1200-44 ZJP1200A ZJP300 2X-70A 1200 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 250 11 4 5.5

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