Roots Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System Composition

Vacuum pump system is a set of vacuum acquisition equipment consisting of several vacuum pumps and accessories. Generally, there are rough pumps (pre-pumps), front pumps, main pumps and maintenance pumps in the unit.

The crude pump reduces the system pressure from the atmospheric pressure until another pump can start working. The front stage pump is a vacuum pump used to maintain the front stage pressure of another vacuum pump below the critical front stage pressure. The front stage pump can also be used as a rough pump. Some vacuum pumps have requirements for the front-stage pressure, and must be equipped with the front-stage pump to maintain its front-stage pressure below the required value. Some pumps can not start at atmospheric pressure, they must be equipped with rough pumps to meet the pre-vacuum requirements before starting work. For example, ordinary Roots vacuum pumps, molecular pumps, diffusion pumps, ion pumps and other vacuum pumps need to be equipped with Rough Pumps and pre-pump in order to work properly.

The main pump (main pump) is the vacuum pump with the highest pumping speed and vacuum degree in the unit. It is the vacuum pump with the highest vacuum degree in the vacuum unit. For the main pump, other pumps can be counted as its front pump.

Vacuum pump systems sometimes have very small gas volume and can not effectively use the large pumping speed of the main pump. For this reason, auxiliary front pump with smaller pumping speed is equipped to maintain the normal operation of the main pump or the working vacuum of the pumped container. This kind of pump is called maintenance pump. Maintaining the use of pumps is mainly from the perspective of economic and environmental protection.

Vacuum unit pumps complement each other and cooperate with each other, which greatly improves the pumping speed and limit vacuum compared with single vacuum pump. It can also start different pumps or combinations according to the need, so as to meet various requirements.

Roots-Liquid Ring Vacuum System

The common vacuum systems : Roots liquid ring vacuum pump system, Roots rotary vane vacuum pump system, Roots screw vacuum pump system, etc.

Roots liquid ring vacuum pump system is composed of Roots pump as a mechanical booster pump and primary pump in series. Roots pump is a kind of external compression, double-rotor volume vacuum pump. The rotor has no contact with the rotor, the rotor and the pump chamber wall, so it can realize high-speed operation without lubrication to realize oil-free pumping process. Screw pump belongs to internal compression and Volumetric Vacuum pump. It can be divided into three processes: suction, compression and exhaust.

Roots liquid ring vacuum pump system advantages:

1. The structure is simple and the area is small.
2. It consumes less water and does not need water treatment facilities.
3. There are no dangerous sources such as high pressure steam and boiler system.
4. From atmospheric pressure to process vacuum, the performance curve is smooth, continuous and controllable, and the pumping speed is stable near 67Pa.
5. The operation cost is low and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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