Difference between engine oil and vacuum pump oil

Recently, the general customer asked about the difference between vacuum pump oil and engine oil? Many partners are not clear about the relationship between the two, today EVP vacuum pump manufacturer to give you a detailed introduction.

1、 What is vacuum pump oil?

Vacuum pump oil is a lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pump of vacuum equipment, which is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. Vacuum pump oil needs strong anti emulsification ability, and appropriate performance and viscosity grade vacuum pump oil should be selected according to the regulations of equipment manufacturer.

Vacuum pump oil has oxidation stability: it is not easy to deteriorate when it is in direct contact with air, resin and chemical raw materials under high temperature for a long time. It can reduce the formation of harmful paint film and oil dirt and provide a long oil change cycle.

Anti rust and anti-corrosion: it can form a very effective anti-corrosion film on the metal surface, so as to prevent the system corrosion caused by inhaling corrosive gas and water. It can quickly separate the water entrained in the oil and reach the required vacuum degree.

It has low steam pressure to prevent oil from backflow and diffusion from pump cavity to vacuum system. So as to ensure that there is enough limit vacuum.

engine oil

2、 What is engine oil?

Engine oil, namely engine lubricating oil, can play the role of lubricating, cleaning, cooling, sealing, reducing wear, antirust, anti-corrosion and so on. The engine is the heart of the car. There are many metal surfaces in the engine which are rubbing with each other. These parts move fast and the environment is poor. The working temperature can reach 400 ° C to 600 ° C. Under such harsh working conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts and prolong the service life.

The oil on the market can be simply divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil due to their different base oils (vegetable oil is not included due to its low production). Synthetic oil can be divided into total synthesis and semi synthesis. Fully synthetic oil is the highest grade.

Engine oil consists of base oil and additives. Base oil is the main component of lubricating oil, which determines the basic properties of lubricating oil. Additives can make up for and improve the performance of base oil and give some new properties. It is an important part of lubricating oil.

Lube base oil is mainly divided into mineral base oil and synthetic base oil. Mineral base oil is widely used, and its consumption is very large (about 95%). However, in some applications, the products blended with synthetic base oil must be used.

3、 Matters needing attention in using vacuum pump oil

(1) In order to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum system, pollutants such as mechanical impurities and water should be prevented from entering into the process of use, storage and transportation, so as to avoid affecting the service life of vacuum oil and the normal operation of the system.

(2) Residual oil often contains a lot of pollutants and aging products, which will seriously affect the service quality and service life of new oil. Therefore, the oil tank and oil circuit should be cleaned when changing oil. Pour the new oil into the suction port of the pump, rotate the pump shaft slowly by hand, clean the pump chamber and drain the residual oil. Repeat the cleaning agent several times.

(3) Different brands and varieties of vacuum pump oil have different quality. If mixed, the quality of vacuum pump oil may change. Therefore, different types of vacuum pump oil can not be mixed.

(4) When used in solvent, water vapor and corrosive gas, it should be checked frequently after use. When the oil emulsion or diluted to affect the sealing performance of vacuum pump, the oil should be changed.

(5) When the vacuum pump is in use, it is easy to form condensate water in the vacuum pump. When water and oil are mixed together, it is easy to emulsify and deteriorate the oil and damage the vacuum pump.

4、 How to distinguish true and false engine oil?

First, it depends on the appearance of the package. The famous brand oil seal cover is a disposable cover. There is sealing tin paper at the gap. There are special marks of the manufacturer on the tin paper. Without these characteristics, it may be fake oil. In addition, in order to prevent counterfeiting, the label sticker, the bottom of the can, the inner side of the lid, and the handle of famous brand oil have special marks. If the illegal elements make their own packaging fake, they can be distinguished by comparing the two outer packages.

The second is to observe oil products. The true oil color is light and transparent, no impurities, no suspended solids, no sediment, good fluidity when shaking. Fake oil or oil color is deep, or there are impurities and precipitates, or the taste is strong and irritating. The fluidity is poor when shaking, or there is wire drawing by hand.

There are generally three types of counterfeit oil products:

One is to use the recovered waste oil to be filled and marketed after treatment;

The second is to use pure base oil mixture without any additives;

Third, the purchase of low-grade oil filling, with inferior to good. Generally, the color of the fake lubricating oil is adjusted to be equivalent to the real oil.

Through the above introduction, we now know that there is a difference between vacuum pump oil and engine oil. If there is no difference, it should be called vacuum pump oil, or called oil vacuum pump oil. From the name of vacuum pump oil, it should be felt that it is a special oil for vacuum equipment.

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