Low price water ring vacuum pump and compressor

They are typically used as a vacuum pump, but can also be used as a gas compressor. The function of a water ring vacuum pump is similar to a rotary vane pump, with the difference being that the vanes are an integral part of the rotor and churn a rotating ring of liquid to form the compression-chamber seal. They are an inherently low-friction design, with the rotor being the only moving part. Sliding friction is limited to the shaft seals. water ring vacuum pump are typically powered by an induction motor.

Low price water ring vacuum pump and compressor application:

Low price water ring vacuum pump and compressor for extracting air or other corrosive and non soluble gases without solid particles, so as to obtain a certain degree of vacuum and pressure in the sealed container. The inhaled gas may allow a small amount of liquid to be contained. ‘the recommended working range is -0.04mpa ~ -0.09mpa.

Low price water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are widely used in mechanical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and candy and electronic fields. During operation, the gas is compressed. When corrosive or explosive gas is compressed or extracted, there is no danger. Therefore, pumps are widely used in many fields.


Low price water ring vacuum pump and compressor working principle:

Low price water ring vacuum pump and compressor is a kind of capacity pump, through changing the capacity to achieve the air in and out.

The eccentricity of the impeller in the pump body is e. when the impeller circulates (before the pump starts, a small amount of water should be poured into the pump body), a rotating water ring is formed on the pump wall due to the centrifugal force, and the upper part of the water ring is in contact with the impeller hub. The water ring should rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow. In the first half of the rotation, the inside of the water ring will gradually separate from the impeller hub, the volume between the blades will enter the inside, and the gas will be inhaled from the inlet. In the second half of the rotation, the inside of the water ring will be close to the impeller hub, and the volume between the blades will gradually reduce, so the gas between the blades will be compressed and discharged.

When the impeller rotates once per revolution, the volume between the blades will change once. The water between each blade will move back and forth as a piston, and the pump will continuously absorb gas, so a certain degree of vacuum will be formed.

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