Dry vacuum pump for precautions

With the wide application of dry vacuum pump, many people pay special attention to its assembly. Its assembly quality is directly related to the use of vacuum pump, but some laymen don’t know much about it. Please introduce it to you, so you can understand it more quickly.

Dry vacuum pump for precautions

1. Before dry vacuum pump shaft, i.e. rotor shaft equipment, it must be confirmed whether it is bent or deformed.

2. Open space for cooperation between blade and rotor.

3. Whether the balance condition of rotor meets the standard.

4. Adjust the open space between the bearing and the end cap.

5. Adjust the open space of the sealing part.

6. Whether the coaxiality of the coupling meets the requirements.

7. Whether it is necessary to seal the fastening of buffer compensation device for many times.

8. Whether the concentricity and bearing position of dry vacuum pump rotor meet the requirements.

The above introduction is about dry vacuum pump. In the process of assembling the pump, in order to ensure the assembly quality of the product and improve our work progress, we must follow the specified operation mode, which will not affect the use of the equipment.

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