Sandblasting roots blower

Roots blower for sand blasting industry: Why do you choose to supply Roots blower for sand blasting industry

Our company is a roots blower manufacturer integrating development, design and production, specializing in the production of SSR series three-leaf Roots blower, and the adoption of international advanced technology. The main characteristics of Roots blower are small volume, large flow, low noise, long life, stable and reliable operation. The products adopt the unique leak-free sealing way, the impeller adopt the unique compound line design, save 20% energy than the traditional craft, the parts are interchangeable, the gears, belts and so on all adopt the world famous brand. Roots blower manufactured by our company have been sold all over the world and exported to more than 30 countries such as USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, UK, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.

Sandblasting roots blower

Roots blower classification

Roots blower can be roughly divided into single-stage and double-stage according to the different working modes. Among them, the blower with only one compression stage is called single-stage blower, while the blower with two single-stage blowers connected in series for two consecutive compressions of gas is called double-stage blower.
Points according to the impeller head: two-lobe Roots blower and three-lobe Roots blower;
According to the use: vertical kiln blower, gasification blower, aeration blower, etc.
According to the type of medium: air blower, blower, hydrogen blower, blower, etc.
According to the transmission mode: directly connected blower and belt blower, etc.; According to cooling method: air – cooled blower, water – cooled blower and countercurrent cooling blower;
According to the structure type, it can be divided into: vertical blower, horizontal blower, vertical shaft blower, dense group blower, etc.
According to seal type: labyrinth seal, expansion ring seal, packing seal, mechanical seal and other types of blower.

What about the overtemperature of Roots blower? What’s the impact?

Recently, I have received many inquiries about the overtemperature of Roots blower. Today, I would like to talk about the overtemperature of Roots blower.

1. Normal temperature

The air inlet temperature of roots blower should be lower than 40 degrees Celsius, higher than this temperature, need to be cooled down, after roots blower compressed the air, there will be heat dissipation, which will lead to the increase of body temperature, the increased temperature is related to the pressure, normally around 100 degrees.

2. Harm of overtemperature

If the temperature of Roots blower is too high, it will lead to the damage of seals, bearings and gears. The excessively high temperature has a great influence on Roots blower.

3. What are the causes of overtemperature?

Roots blower overheating and many factors, the first is a mechanical fault, friction is serious, such as impeller bearing friction is serious, belt creep, etc., these roots blower are likely to cause the temperature too high, when we measure the temperature, the pressure of roots blower first observation and air flow is stable, if there is a unstable situation, in general there is fault, need to stop check.

The second is the influence of external temperature, such as poor heat dissipation, high inlet temperature, outlet pipe contact with high temperature components, such as melting spraying cloth production, The Outlet of The Blower connected to the electric heater, will affect the outlet temperature, will also affect the blower temperature.

4. What should we do if the temperature exceeds?

First of all, if it is a problem, so we should first troubleshooting, the troubleshooting, the temperature measurement, whether accord with a standard, second, if it is outside factors, so we should carry out the cooling process, in this case, the roots blower doesn’t show the problem, the stability of air flow and pressure stability, indicating that the blower is no problem, as long as we solve the gas temperature is ok.

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