Acid-proof ceramic water ring vacuum pump

1、 Water ring vacuum pump purpose, specification and performance
Water ring type acid resistant ceramic vacuum pump is suitable for pumping corrosive gas. The medium forming the working water ring in the vacuum pump can be clean water without suspended particles, or all kinds of organic or inorganic acid liquid without suspended particles or crystals (except hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated alkali) which can not react with the pumped gas chemically.

2、 Water ring vacuum pump performance Brief
Single acting and double acting radial suction and exhaust structures are adopted, with large air volume, high efficiency and stable operation. Mechanical seal is selected for shaft seal, which is tight and reliable. Vacuum degree: – 86 ~ – 93Kpa; exhaust volume: 3 ~ 30m3 / min

3、 Water ring vacuum pump scope of use
The water ring acid resistant ceramic vacuum pump is an ideal product for vacuum dehydration, vacuum drying, vacuum filtration and air compression in papermaking, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry. As the water ring pump is isothermal compression, it is suitable for pumping flammable and explosive gases. It can be widely used for pumping various corrosive gases in petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, and also for compression under low pressure.

4、 Performance parameters

Structural style


Maximum air volume

Ultimate vacuum

Consumption jump

Motor power


Motor type

Axial single action







Y100L2 – 4















Axial double action






















Water ring vacuum pump maintenance, repair and maintenance

(1) Maintenance and repair:
The working performance of ceramic vacuum pump is closely related to the clearance between the impeller plane and the cover plane on both sides. To ensure the working performance of vacuum pump, it is necessary to maintain the gap between two planes, and the gap between two sides should be equal, and the plane gap should not be greater than 0.40mm.
If the mechanical seal at both ends of the main shaft is used for a long time or the vacuum degree cannot be improved, it should be considered whether the mechanical seal face is worn or damaged. If it is worn, adjust the rubber spring and tighten the nut.
The maintenance of motor and bearing shall be carried out according to relevant technical specifications.(2) Removal of vacuum pump:
Knock and impact shall be avoided during disassembly to avoid damaging the ceramic parts in the vacuum pump.The disassembled parts shall be handled with care, and the surface finish of the sealing surface shall be avoided to be damaged. The disassembly process is:1. Remove all the pipes on the vacuum pump;
2. Remove the motor and spindle coupling;
3. Remove the bearing side cover and two round nuts fixing the bearing;
4. Remove the water inlet pipe on the cooling water cover;
5. Screw in the two removal screw holes on the bearing bracket flange with bolts, support evenly, and pull out the bearing bracket, bearing sleeve and bearing together;
6. Remove the cooling water cover of the shaft seal and take out all the seals. (if the sealing parts are to be repaired or replaced, just remove them. )
7. Remove the bolts on one side of the vacuum pump cover. If necessary, use the two removal screw holes on the vacuum pump cover flange, and use the bolts to support the top evenly to remove the vacuum pump cover.
8. Screw the eyebolt on the top bolt hole of the vacuum pump cover, move it out horizontally, remove the vacuum pump cover, and when the vacuum pump cover is moved away from the vacuum pump body, add a wood block between the lower end of the impeller and the vacuum pump body to keep the impeller and the main shaft horizontal, so as to prevent the ceramic parts from being broken when the vacuum pump cover is moved out.
9. Take the impeller and main shaft out of the vacuum pump.
10. Remove the ceramic shaft sleeve. Loosen the spindle cap and remove the impeller from the spindle.
11. Remove the other vacuum pump cover. During disassembly, all cushions shall be carefully removed. If some of the cushions are damaged due to deterioration, new cushions of the same material and thickness shall be replaced during assembly.(3) Vacuum pump assembly:
Before assembly, all ceramic parts and metal parts shall be cleaned thoroughly, and new bedding shall be prepared. The assembly procedure is the reverse of the disassembly procedure.Attention shall be paid to:1. The distance from the plane at both ends of the impeller to the bearing shoulder on the main shaft shall be equal.
2. The clearance between the impeller plane and the vacuum pump cover plane on both sides must be equal. If not, the bearing end cover pressing depth can be adjusted.
3. Before using the reassembled vacuum pump, check the sealing performance of the vacuum pump as follows:
Fill the vacuum pump body with fresh water (the water surface is level with the flange of the inlet and outlet of the vacuum pump), and check the sealing surface of the vacuum pump cover and the mechanical seal for leakage. The compression force of the rubber spring can be increased properly to avoid leakage. It is forbidden that the spring pressure is too large to affect the service life of the mechanical seal.(4) Maintenance:
1. When the vacuum pump is stored, the suction and discharge ports shall be covered with cover plates.
2. If the vacuum pump is not used for a long time, the coupling shall be turned regularly.
3. For the vacuum pump that works 24 hours a day, it is better to stop it every 15 days and wash the dirt in the vacuum pump with water.
4. Check the bearing condition regularly (at least once a month).
5. After every 2000 hours of operation, replace the grease in the bearing body, clean the bearing at least once a year, and replace all the lubricating oil, inject 2 / 3 of the grease filling space, not too much.
6. After one year’s operation, all vacuum pumps shall be disassembled for inspection, focusing on the clearance inspection (axial clearance inspection for axial single acting vacuum pump, and radial clearance inspection for radial double acting vacuum pump between impeller and air distribution plate). If there is abnormal wear, it shall be replaced or adjusted in time.

Acid-proof ceramic water ring vacuum pump

Acid-proof ceramic water ring vacuum pump

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