Water ring vacuum pump maintenance procedures

1. Equipment maintenance

1). Routine maintenance

(1) start, run and stop in strict accordance with the dryness regulations and procedures, and keep running records, so as to be complete, accurate and timely.

(2) check the smell and slippage of each lubricating part on each shift.

(3) check the leakage of the packing seal, press the packing regularly and replace it if necessary.

(4) check the water supply and keep enough water in.

(5) frequently observe whether the vacuum pump pressure and motor current are normal and stable, and if there is abnormal sound or vibration in the operation of the equipment, deal with the problems in time if found.

(6) keep the vacuum pump and the bad tomb of the state of zhou clean and tidy, timely eliminate running, risk, box, leak. The whole package meets the requirements.

(7) maintenance personnel shall be on duty regularly to check the equipment and deal with the problems found in time.

(8) lower ambient temperature; Brother, vacuum pump stop, drain the remaining liquid, in case: east split housing and parts.

2). Check contents regularly

Inspection items



Judgement standard

Recommended instruments

Monitoring roll
Bearing movement
Transfer situation
January Measuring roll
Bearing vibration, condition

V < 0.71nm/s intact
5> 4. 5mm / s maintenance
SZ — 3, SZ-4
V ^ L. 128M / s intact
5> 7. IM’s maintenance

206 vibrometer
Zfy-1 vibration score

In case of any of the following circumstances, emergency treatment should be taken:
A. Abnormal sound in the vacuum pump;
B. Sudden violent vibration of the vacuum pump;
[c]. The circulation water suddenly stopped.

2. Test and acceptance

1) preparation before the test run

(1) in addition to the vacuum pump landline all sundry, clean up the scene.

(2) check the fastening of the bolts on vacuum pump seat, motor seat and connection bolts of each part.

(3) check whether the seal meets the requirements and whether the cooling system is smooth.

(4) there should be no carding or uneven weight phenomenon.

2.) test

(1) the test run time shall not be less than 2 hours and shall reach:

A. Smooth operation without noise, good cooling and lubrication;
B. Normal bearing temperature;
C. The vibration of the bearing part shell shall not exceed the specified value;
D. The vacuum reaches the value of xupai; Motor current not exceeding rated value;
E. The seal meets the requirements;

3). The acceptance

After maintenance, the quality of the vacuum pump conforms to the requirements of this regulation. The maintenance records are complete and accurate. The test run is normal.

3. Maintain safety precautions

1). Safety precautions

(1) flea maintenance tools and any sundries shall not be put on the vacuum pump seat.

(2) when the vacuum pump is in operation, please do not wipe the equipment near the rotating part.

(3) keep the grounding wire of the motor in good condition, and pay attention not to spray water on the motor when scanning.

2) safety precautions for test run

(1) the test run shall be conducted in an organized manner, and a special person shall be responsible for safety inspection during the test run.

(2) the opening and stopping shall be done by specially-assigned person.

(3) start and stop the vacuum pump in strict accordance with the starting and stopping procedures.

(4) if abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions are found during the test, stop to check the cause and try again after elimination.

Water ring vacuum pump maintenance procedures

Water ring vacuum pump maintenance procedures

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