2BV5111 water ring vacuum pump

2BV5111 water ring vacuum pump of details

Vacuum space gas liquid separation technology principle of the vacuum pump gas liquid separation technology principle of capillary action: liquid water in hydrophilic material surface exhibition shop, if made porous hydrophilic material structure (hole connected to the hole clearance between), the porous structure as consisting of a lot of capillary, will become a dedicated channel of liquid water. In the same way, porous structures made of hydrophobic materials will serve as special channels for gases. In this way, the hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties of the material are utilized to realize gas-liquid separation. The quality of vacuum pump depends on its mechanical structure and the quality of oil. Volatile larger you if distillation machine to dissolve ji, you machine results will not be absorbed by oil dissolving ji increases the vapor pressure, which reduces the time effectiveness, if is acidic gas, the corrosion of oil pump, if it is water vapor can make oil emulsion and smoke is bad vacuum pump impeller eccentricity is installed in the pump body, when the impeller rotates in the direction shown by the chart, the pump body into the water ring pump impeller water to be thrown around, due to the effect of centrifugal force, the water formed a similar to the pump cavity shape such as the thickness of the closed water ring.

2BV5111 water ring vacuum pump

2BV5111 water ring vacuum pump maintenance

1. To avoid wearing the impeller, pump body or sticking the impeller, dust particles entering the pump cavity with gas and working fluid can be washed off through the flushing port at the bottom of the pump.
2, if using hard water as working fluid, must be softened, or in a certain period of time with the solution cleaning pump.
3. The bearing under normal operation of the motor is 15℃ ~ 20℃ higher than the surrounding temperature, and the highest temperature is not allowed to exceed 55℃ ~ 60℃. The bearing under normal operation should be filled with oil 1-2 times a year, the bearing should be cleaned once a year, and the lubricating oil should be completely replaced.
4, the use of mechanical seal, leakage phenomenon, should check the mechanical seal of the dynamic and static ring has been damaged, or the sealing ring has been aging, such as the above, all need to replace new parts.

2BV5111 water ring vacuum pump ordering instructions

1. The name; 2. Model; 3. Specifications; 4. Power; 5. Service temperature; 6. Use medium;
7, if you have special requirements, please specify when ordering products.
8. If the model has been selected by the designer, please directly order from the sales department of our company according to the model.
9. When the occasion of use is very important or the environment is relatively complex, please try to provide the design drawing for your review by our EVP vacuum expert. Welcome you to visit our web site [https://www.evpvacuum.com/], if you have any questions. You can call us, we will be dedicated to provide high quality service for you, or send email to contact@evpvacuum.com.

Service commitment

All vacuum equipment purchased in the company is entitled to one year free warranty period, and lifelong technical support.
Upon receiving the fault notice, the service department of the company shall arrange personnel to deal with it. In case of special circumstances, the service department can provide corresponding equipment replacement.
Our professional technology, sufficient accessories, perfect service, let you never worry.

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