Roots Vacuum Pump in Condenser

Roots vacuum pump can be used in two processes of vacuum pumping and vacuum maintenance of condenser. Vacuum pumping is an indispensable and important process before refrigerant filling in refrigeration equipment during production or repair. Vacuum pumps have the effect of vacuum pumping.

Vacuum pump refers to the device or equipment that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods to extract air from the pumped container to obtain vacuum. Vacuum pump is a device that improves, produces and maintains vacuum in a closed space by various means. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, food, electronic coating and other professions.

Roots Vacuum Pump in Condenser

Model ZJP- 70 ZJP- 150 ZJP- 300 ZJP- 600 ZJP- 1200 ZJP- 2500
Pumping speed(L/s) 70 150 300 600 1200 2500
Ultimate pressure
5×10-2 (1stage piston pump as backing pump)
1×10-1 (2 stage piston pump as backing pump)
Diff. pressure at overflow valve (Pa) 4×103 2. 7×103
Motor rotary speed(RPM) 3000
Suitable motor power(kW) 1.1 2.2 4 7.5 11 22
Flange size inlet(mm) 80 100 150 200 250 320
outlet(mm) 80 100 150 200 200 320
Cooling water consumption(L/h) 120 150 200
Allowable temperature(℃) 100
Vacuum pump oil 100#
Weight(without motor)(kg) 110 205 265 780 880 1350


What is the effect of using Roots vacuum pump to extract vacuum in condenser?

Removal of non-condensable gases in the system: the existence of non-condensable gases will increase the condensation pressure of the system, increase the exhaust temperature, and affect the refrigeration effect; it may also lead to carbonization of lubricating oil at high temperature, endanger the normal operation of compressors, and even burn down compressor motors.

Remove water in the system: Water is the biggest killer in the refrigeration system (especially in the Freon system of vapor compression refrigeration cycle). First, the interaction of lubricant and water will produce acid, which will corrode the system, and cause “copper plating” phenomenon, which will damage the compressor. At the same time, water will cause ice in the valve orifice or capillary tube of expansion valve, resulting in “ice jam”.

In the vacuum extraction stage, the air and other non-condensable gases in the condenser are extracted from the initial vacuum when the steam has not been introduced into the condenser; in the vacuum maintenance stage, the roots vacuum pump continues to work to extract the leaking dry air during the operation of the condenser to maintain the condenser back pressure at the optimum working point to ensure the efficient operation of the steam turbine and improve the thermal efficiency of the power plant. The Roots vacuum unit selected by optimization can satisfy the reliable operation of users under various complex working conditions.

With the widening of refrigeration equipment application, vacuum pump equipment will also receive great attention. Vacuum pump market has broad prospects. Only by eliminating the shortcomings of the profession at that time and improving them, can we satisfy the needs of the market. In the future, automata and intellectualization will have a remarkable trend. Intelligent vacuum pump will become one of the keys to skill breaking.

The Roots Vacuum Unit is proposed to solve the above problems and reduce the energy consumption of vacuum pumps. This scheme can not only solve the problems of cavitation and impeller cracking which are prevalent in current condensers, but also reduce the power consumption of vacuum pumps by 70-80% under the same working conditions. Roots vacuum unit can reduce the pressure fluctuation amplitude at the moment of exhaust, reduce the aerodynamic noise and temperature rise from the source, and speed up the vacuum extraction speed of condenser because of its fast pumping speed and unaffected by ambient temperature.

With the continuous development of the power industry, the manufacturers of EVP vacuum pumps are also constantly optimizing the design for various applications in this field, which gradually reduces the cost of power generation and greatly improves the efficiency of power generation.

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