Roots blower for printing paper

The printer USES Roots blower for paper feeding. The exhaust can be used for separating, aligning and distributing. Roots blower can be printed in paper with air supply system, the paper separation, transmission, alignment, distribution, roots blower with roots blower as the advantage of the blast system is that the output of air volume stability, not according to the change of pressure in front of the change of the air volume, he is a kind of positive displacement blower, in addition, he output gas excluding oil, won’t produce pollution to the paper.

Roots blower for printing paper

Roots blower is a kind of general machinery, its specific classification is as follows:

1.  According to different impeller classification: two blade Roots blower; Three blade Roots blower.

The roots blower are two-blade blower at the earliest. With the update of technology, the roots blower with air volume below 130m3/min are gradually replaced by three-blade roots blower, but the roots blowers with more than 130m3/min are still two-blade roots blowers.

Note: The blower impeller with three blades is called three-leaf Roots blower, and the blower with two blades is called two-leaf Roots blower.

2. According to different USES: common roots blower; Negative pressure Roots blower; Roots blower for special gases.

Roots blower with negative pressure is mainly used for vacuum packaging and other suction, special gas is mainly used for natural gas, gas and other inflammable and explosive gas transmission, sealing mode is piston ring seal, can ensure 0 leakage.

3. Different types of cooling: air-cooled Roots blower; Water-cooled Roots blower.

When the pressure is below 65KPA, use air-cooled Roots blower, and when the pressure is above 65KPA, use water-cooled Roots blower.

4. According to different blower structure classification: single oil tank; Double tank type; intensive

When the pressure is below 50KPA, choose single tank type, and when the pressure is above 50KPA, choose double tank type. The intensive Roots blower occupies a small area. The air outlet of the blower is below the blower. The outlet silencer is connected from the bottom of the blower. Intensive selection is generally specified for the customer.

5. According to the transmission mode different classification: directly connected transmission; Belt drive.

Product standard accessories: head, motor, inlet and outlet muffler (including frame or base), transmission belt pulley, belt pulley protective cover, elastic joint, one-way valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, anchor bolt, lubricating oil.

After-sales service: the product three guarantees service for one year, lifelong after-sales maintenance, guaranteed for ten years.

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