How does liquid ring vacuum pump form liquid ring?

How do you understand the knowledge of liquid ring vacuum pump? The liquid ring will be formed when it is used. Here is a brief understanding of the liquid ring formed by the liquid ring vacuum pump:

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump whose volume changes periodically by the rotary motion of the bias impeller in the vacuum pump cavity. Its working chamber is composed of rotating liquid ring and impeller, and its structure and working principle are similar to that of liquid ring compressor. During operation, the suction port is connected with the evacuated container. If the vacuum pump cavity is filled with water, it is called water ring vacuum pump. The water ring vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient use, strong durability, and can vacuum pump out corrosive, dusty gas and gas water mixture. The vacuum pump body is filled with appropriate amount of water or other liquid as working fluid.

When the impeller rotates clockwise as shown in the figure, the water / liquid is thrown around by the impeller. Due to the centripetal force, a sealing ring of equal thickness is formed, which is determined by the shape of the vacuum pump cavity. At this time, a crescent space is formed between the impeller hub and the liquid ring, and this space is divided by the impeller and several small cavities with the same number of blades.

Knowledge of maximum load vacuum pump and water temperature of liquid ring vacuum pump

We know that the liquid ring vacuum pump in the process of continuous circulation in the follow-up work, so we can not avoid the water temperature, so this machine is different from the performance. According to Dalton’s law, the absolute pressure of a vacuum pump chamber is equal to the partial pressure gas and saturated water vapor pressure (the vacuum pump chamber hypothesis, the relative humidity is 100%). The higher the temperature of water is, the higher the saturated steam pressure is, which corresponds to the higher absolute pressure of a vacuum pump cavity, so the liquid ring pump can inject low vacuum.

That’s why high temperatures will reduce the vacuum. The limiting vacuum degree of liquid ring pump and the steam pressure of temperature are equal to corresponding. Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of variable volume vacuum pump, which changes the volume of vacuum pump chamber to suction, compression and exhaust. And other types of mechanical vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump advantages are as follows:

1. Simple structure, manufacturing accuracy and easy to handle.
2. It has a compact and higher vacuum pump revolution, usually combined with the motor directly, without the need for deceleration device. A large amount of exhaust gas and a small floor area can be obtained by using a small structure size.
3. The compressed gas is mainly isothermal, that is, the process of compressed gas is very small temperature change.
4. Because there is no metal friction surface in the vacuum pump cavity, there is no need to lubricate the vacuum pump, and a small wear. The sealing between the rotating element and the fixed element can be done directly from water.
5. Suction is uniform, stable, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
6. The gas compression of liquid ring vacuum pump is isothermal, which can extract flammable and explosive gas, as well as the gas of exhausting dust and water.

How does liquid ring vacuum pump form liquid ring

How does liquid ring vacuum pump form liquid ring?


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