Molecular pump market

Molecular pump is used to replace low temperature pump in many technological occasions in semiconductor field abroad, especially for sputtering, etching and LCVD devices, etc.

Molecular pump market

The exhaust time of molecular pump is longer than that of cryogenic pump because the pumping speed of molecular pump is only one quarter of that of cryogenic pump of the same diameter. In order to improve the pumping speed, a cryogenic plate (-130℃~-150℃) is installed at the inlet side of the molecular pump, which is called the cryogenic molecular pump. The water vapor is captured by the plate, and other gases are pumped away by the molecular pump. The application of this cryogenic molecular pump in vacuum coating equipment not only improves the production efficiency but also the film quality. With the rapid development of semiconductor industry, thin film industry and scientific research in China, molecular pump should be the focus of vacuum pump manufacturing industry in China. First of all, a complete series of molecular pumps should be established from small to large, and a variety of compound molecular pumps, traction pumps and low-temperature molecular pumps should be developed to meet the needs of different occasions.

Molecular pump is widely used in nuclear physics, the electric vacuum and surface science and other fields, due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, vacuum pump market expand rapidly.

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