Screw type Dry screw Vacuum Pump

Screw vacuum pump specification for operation

Screw vacuum pump is an updated product of oil sealed vacuum pump, which can pump out gas occasions containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. However, many enterprises in the use of screw vacuum pump do not pay much attention to the product operation specifications, the wrong use of the reverse method will reduce the service life of the equipment.

In order to speed up the application ability of screw vacuum pump, the advantages of the product should be reflected in the operation details.

According to the use specification, the training of the staff should be increased to improve the integrity of the product according to the strict operation mode, so as to expand the use ability of its production and operation. This can also improve its own maintenance ability for the use of the equipment, and enhance the production of the enterprise To reflect the application advantages of products.

Therefore, standardizing the operating procedures plays a very good role in the use and life extension of screw vacuum pump, and it can also improve the importance of production safety, ensure the safety of users, effectively improve the practical ability of equipment, and reflect the protection of product strength.

Operate the equipment according to the above correct operation method. The correct use method can not only improve the working efficiency of the equipment, but also increase the service life of the machine. I hope you can strictly abide by it.

The decisive factors of working efficiency of dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump is widely used in electronic, chemical, metal processing, food processing and other fields, but in the use process, there will be a variety of problems, only to understand the specific causes of the problems, can we solve them more timely.

1. Effect of condensate:
In order to ensure that the condensed water can condense the steam sufficiently, the partial pressure of the water vapor in the discharge pressure of the dry screw vacuum pump is necessary to be higher than the corresponding full steam pressure, so the temperature of the condensed water should also be lower than the full temperature under the pressure, so as to guarantee the normal operation of the vacuum pump body. The poor condensation effect of the condenser will make the steam enter the next vacuum pump directly because it is too late to condense, increase the load of the later vacuum pump, and affect the pumping ability of the vacuum pump. Therefore, the inlet temperature, flow rate of the condensate and the operation of the condenser have a great influence on the function of the vacuum pump.

2. Effect of steam:
The steam ejection dry screw vacuum pump is filled with water vapor as the working medium. The steam state has a decisive influence on the function of the vacuum pump.

3. Impact of internal leakage:
In the whole process of liquid steel disposal, the vacuum degree of the system is increasing with the reduction of the amount of liquid steel outgassing. In the early stage of liquid steel treatment, the system has low vacuum degree, large amount of air release, and the pumping capacity of the front stage vacuum pump is required to be large. Usually, multiple vacuum pumps are selected in parallel to increase the pumping capacity of the system. In order to reduce the steam consumption and save energy, it is necessary to close several of the front stage parallel vacuum pumps.

The nozzle of the dry screw vacuum pump is composed of two parts, which are connected by flange. As for the dry screw vacuum pump with the connecting flange in the vacuum pump body, if steam leakage is formed at the connection due to sealing and other reasons, it will also affect the function of the vacuum pump.

4. Environmental impact:
The environmental impact refers to the pollution of the system by the extracted gas. In the process of liquid steel disposal, a lot of gas will be released from the liquid steel. Together, some small particles such as oxide powder will be sucked into the dry screw vacuum pump. These small particles will accumulate and adhere to the vacuum pump body, reducing the flow guide of the extraction pipeline, prolonging the extraction time and reducing the extraction function of the vacuum pump.

The above is the basic problem of dry screw vacuum pump and the cause of this problem. There is no medium in its working chamber. Correct operation method can obtain clean vacuum state.

Screw type Dry screw Vacuum Pump

Screw type Dry screw Vacuum Pump

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