Screw Vacuum Pump for Electronic Photovoltaic

Vacuum application in photovoltaic industry

Laminating is a key step in the production of solar cell modules. The solar cells are assembled from the solar silicon wafers. Laminator is the main equipment to produce solar panels, laminator will be a layer of backplane, two layers of solar silicon, a layer of glass, hot pressed into solar panels, in the middle of each layer of material there is EVA film, laminator by hot melting EVA film, each layer of material will be firmly bonded together, in the laminating process, the cavity needs to be vacuum pumping. The air between materials is basically completely removed to avoid bubbles and air holes in the middle, which will affect the quality of solar panels.

Vacuum pumps need to pump the laminator cavity to a high vacuum in a very short time, usually in 20 seconds to – 100 kpa. The faster the pumping speed, the higher the production efficiency of laminator, the higher the vacuum, the better the quality of solar panels produced.

At present, there are many laminators on the market using two-stage oil pumps to vacuum, the speed of vacuum pumping is relatively low and the efficiency is low. Because there is lubricant in the vacuum pump, hot-melted EVA glue is pumped into the pump, and mixed in the lubricant, it is easy to cause the pollution of lubricating oil, the viscosity of oil is very high, and lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently. Almost once a week, the cost of oil exchange is high, while waste oil treatment is troublesome, and the failure rate of the oil pump is very high, which requires frequent maintenance.

At present, this process vacuum is gradually replaced by dry screw pump. Dry screw pump has high pumping speed, high efficiency and no lubricant problem. As long as the temperature of dry pump is controlled properly, EVA glue will not stick to the screw rotor. The maintenance cycle of vacuum pump will be long, the operation cost will be very low, and the environment will not be affected. Ring.

Screw Vacuum Pump for Electronic Photovoltaic

Vacuum pump is a dry screw vacuum pump with excellent performance and durability. The two screw rotors in the pump chamber rotate synchronously and inversely, and a number of sealing chambers are formed between the rotor and the pump body, which are conveyed to the exhaust port after compression. In the compression process, the two screw rotors do not contact with the pump body and maintain the optimal clearance. The compression chamber can extract all kinds of condensable materials without lubricating oil and sealing medium. Sex gas and dust particulate gas are the new generation of environmental protection vacuum acquisition equipment on the market.

Technical characteristics

1. The meshing clearance of the screw rotor profile is uniform, the sealing is good, and the pumping efficiency is high.
2. Wide range of pumping speed, high limit vacuum, single-stage vacuum up to 5PA.
3. Screw rotors are tested by G1-level dynamic balance test, which runs smoothly, has low noise and low vibration.
4. The rotor is made of integral ball-milled cast iron by high pressure casting. The structure of the rotor is compact and its strength is high.
5. Configuration of customized motor, pump oil chamber and motor form a closed structure, cancel the motor end shaft extension seal, eliminate oil leakage.
6. Standard special removable and washable muffler, good silencing effect, low noise, easy to disassemble and wash maintenance.
7. The whole structure is reasonable and simple, and can adapt to various maintenance operations. According to different working conditions, the corresponding structure or accessories should be allocated. It has strong pertinence, simple operation, short processing time, and improves stability and operation life.

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