Vacuum pump for polyester production

Polyester production process of introduction

Polyester plant production of characteristics:

1. Polyester production is attributed to chemical production according to its production characteristics, with the following characteristics: high temperature: from esterification reaction to condensation polymerization reaction temperature from 260 ° c to 280 ° c.

2, high pressure, high vacuum operation: esterification reaction is positive pressure, condensation polymerization reaction is high vacuum. In addition, the melt in the pipe pressure up to 200 kg.

3. Original and auxiliary materials are inflammable and explosive: the main raw material PTA of polyester production is white powder. When the air reaches a certain quality, it is easy to explode and burn. EG steam, thermal media and other hazardous materials are prone to explosion, so fireworks are strictly prohibited in the production area.

4, fully automated production, the use of advanced DCS system control, the quality of the operator requirements. The production capacity of single line is large. The designed daily production capacity of our company’s polyester production line is 600 tons/day, which is the largest domestic production capacity at that time. Therefore, the operation responsibility is huge.

5. There are many test instruments and various kinds, and radioactive elements are used as the test source.

6. Complicated pipelines.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for polyester production

Vacuum pump for polyester production

New involves a polyester resin production in reaction kettle with vacuum pump, including the kettle body, the stirring shaft, driving device, feeding port, also includes a vacuum feeding device and the cooling and heating equipment, including vacuum pump, vacuum tubes, condenser vacuum feeding device, waste steam liquid collecting tank, feeding tube and storage tank, the top of the kettle body is set vacuum, vacuum pump through the vacuum tube connected to the vacuum mouth, condenser and waste liquid collecting tank is set on the vacuum tube, and the waste steam liquid collecting tank is set at the bottom of the condenser, material storage tank through the feeding tube connected to feed port; The cooling and heating device includes a liquid storage tank, a collection tank and a spiral pipe; The stirring shaft has a hollow structure and the middle part of the stirring shaft is spiral. The utility model can reduce the amount of sewage treatment in the production of polyester resin, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and the production benefit of polyester resin; Automatic feeding can be realized, and can quickly realize heating or cooling process of polyester resin production, high production efficiency.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of application and features

2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are developed by our factory on the basis of many years of scientific research and production experience, combined with the advanced technology of similar products in the world. Usually used for pumping non-solid particles, insoluble in water, non-corrosive gases to form a vacuum and pressure in closed vessels. By changing the material of the flowing parts, it can also be used to pump corrosive gas or corrosive liquid as working fluid. Widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, stone tools, coal washing, dressing, fertilizer and other industries.

For key parts, such as distribution plate, impeller and pump shaft, system optimization design was carried out to simplify the structure, improve the performance, and achieve energy saving. Welded impeller was adopted, the blade was once pressed and formed, and the shape line was reasonable. The wheels were all processed to solve the dynamic balance problem fundamentally. Impeller and pump shaft adopt hot fit fit, reliable performance, smooth operation. After the impeller is welded, the overall operation of the heat treatment is good, the blade has a good toughness, so that the blade’s impact resistance, bending resistance can be fundamentally guaranteed, can adapt to the load impact wave bad conditions. The 2BE series pump is equipped with a gas and water separator, with an exhaust port in multiple positions, and an exhaust valve inspection window on the pump cover. The clearance between impeller and distribution plate is adjusted by the gland cover on both ends of the positioning shaft, which is easy to install and use, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

The vacuum pump in our factory has passed the test center before leaving factory.

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