Vacuum system in cattle raising machinery

Vacuum system in cattle machinery of application

Vacuum technology has been widely applied in various fields of national economy. In recent years, the application of this engineering technology in modern cattle machinery is more and more. Vacuum pump is the main equipment to provide vacuum in cattle machinery. The milking system USES vacuum for mechanical milking, cleaning milk tube and milk cup, removing milking device, controlling the opening of feeding equipment valve and the switch of corral door. Believe many people know that the vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, PLC program control system, storage tanks, vacuum pipelines, vacuum valves and filter assembly consisting of a complete set of vacuum system, according to the research on the application of the vacuum system for many years, set a new import vacuum system in application in cattle mechanical solution, hope to be helpful to the cattle industry.

The application of imported vacuum system in cattle raising machinery is summarized as follows:

Vacuum milking mechanical system, its working process is as follows: the vacuum pump through the pressure regulator tank to obtain a stable vacuum, and under the control of the vacuum regulator, the vacuum in the vacuum pipeline to maintain between 320 ~ 400 MMHG, finally through the vacuum tube to control the working parts of each milking device vacuum milking.

Mechanical milking USES the suction of the vacuum system to draw out the cow’s milk. The working parts of a milker are four milk cups. During milking, milk cups are placed on each of the cow’s four nipples. The work is divided into sucking beat and squeezing beat, when sucking beat, the nipple chamber and pulse chamber are vacuum, because of the pressure difference between the breast and nipple chamber, make the nipple sphincter open, milk is sucked into the nipple room, into the milk pail. During the squeezing beat, the nipple chamber is still vacuum, the pulsation chamber is supplied to the atmosphere, the rubber is enclosed in the pressure difference between the pulsation chamber and the nipple chamber, the nipple is pressed, the sphincter is closed, the milk stops flowing, the sucking beat and the squeezing beat are alternately carried on for five to six minutes, a cow milking is finished. According to the physiological characteristics of cows, the appropriate pulsation frequency is 50-60 times/min.

Vacuum regulator. The function of the vacuum regulator is to keep the vacuum in the whole vacuum system at a definite value, which is determined according to the vacuum piping configuration. Low configuration vacuum piping vacuum requirements 32-330 MMHG, high configuration vacuum requirements 380-400 MMHG. Its working principle is, when the vacuum degree in the vacuum pipeline is higher than the determined value, the vertical hammer is sucked up by the action of the pressure difference between up and down, and enters the atmosphere from the valve seat and valve stem clearance, so that the vacuum degree drops to the determined value, to maintain the stability of the vacuum degree in the vacuum pipeline, the size of the vacuum degree is adjusted by changing the counterweight block.

Milking machines are usually cleaned and disinfected by hand, but also by a vacuum system. A conical cavity is arranged above the washing basin. There is a layer of rubber film inside the cavity. The spring is connected with the rubber film. When the upper chamber is supplied with vacuum, the rubber membrane moves upward under the action of the vacuum suction force and the spring, and the volume of the lower chamber increases to form a vacuum. The cleaning fluid in the basin is sucked into the lower chamber through the milk cup. When the upper cavity seven atmosphere, rubber film under the action of the spring reset, cleaning fluid flow back to the basin. Because the vacuum and atmosphere are supplied into the upper chamber alternately, the pressure of the chamber changes periodically, which causes the rubber film to move up and down, and the pressure of the lower chamber also changes accordingly. The cleaning fluid is sucked into the lower chamber by the milk cup, and then returned to the basin.

Vacuum system in cattle raising machinery

Vacuum system in cattle raising machinery

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