closed loop vacuum unit

The closed loop vacuum unit can completely recycle the liquid. The available capacity of the system is 50-1200 m3 / hr. Vacuum pump, can provide a variety of materials to adapt to harsh applications. These systems can be used in single-stage or double-stage liquid ring pumps.

In these applications, the characteristics of liquid ring technology are ideal, but the continuous supply of seal water either does not exist or needs to be preserved. Instead of continuously supplying new seal water to vacuum pump as a typical water seal system, small water reservoir and air-cooled heat exchanger are used in closed-loop arrangement. This kind of design can make the vacuum pump run continuously without overheating, and does not need large sealed water tank to dissipate heat. If the water level in the seal tank drops too low due to evaporation, the water level switch will activate the alarm circuit to protect the vacuum pump and inform the operator. PLC control is a standard configuration, which can provide higher security, enhanced functions and the most reliable operation.

closed loop vacuum unit

Through years of research on the application of closed-loop vacuum device, our company has accumulated rich experience in the application of integrated unit as auxiliary equipment of standard pump / single motor. We provide 2be, 2BV, 2sy and zjz series integral units, including gas-liquid separator, heat exchanger, connecting pipe, etc. They can be used to create a vacuum system with roots pump, slide pump, vane pump and other vacuum equipment. Our rich experience and strong strength in vacuum pump, motor control and electrical control provide our customers with system solutions.

Water ring vacuum pumps and compressors shall be used as compressor units together with other units. Our company will provide the following equipment:

Driving device: motor, coupling, etc;

Electrical control system: switch cabinet, soft start device, PIC, etc;

The air inlet is equipped with a stop valve to prevent the liquid from flowing back into the system when the compressor stops;

The gas-liquid separator, belonging to a pressure vessel, is installed on the exhaust pipe for separating the compressed gas from the working fluid.

The condenser is installed at the air inlet to cool the gas and condense condensable steam, thereby reducing the load of the compressor;

Heat exchange is necessary for cooling the working fluid;

Pipeline valve, filter, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, thermal resistance transmitter, solenoid valve, pneumatic vacuum valve, etc.

Depending on the circumstances, equipment and gauges are optional and should be specified in sequence.

We are famous for providing the best closed loop vacuum unit. Our system is widely accepted in the market for its excellent function and design features. Therefore, these systems have high suction efficiency under the condition of long-term maintenance free.

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